Laugh I neer peed my breaks

On all four channels BBC, Sky, RT and Aljazeera we had Antony Blinken (US Sec. of state) summing up the talks that had taken place in Geneva with the Russians. I never heard so much bullshit in all my life, “It’s all the fault of Russia – again”. No wonder the public is conned into believing that all the problems in America, The UK and Europe are the fault of Russia.

Yes, the Russian armies are amassed along their OWN border with Ukraine NOT THE Ukrainian border as we hear constantly from these propaganda mouthpieces. When are we going to get some real journalism and truth from these broadcasters?

Yes Russia has deliberately massed troops on the Russian side of the Ukraine border – and it worked – it got the EU and the American government to sit up and pay attention. Stop sending shipments of nuclear missiles into Ukraine. Stop building new naval docks in Odessa that can take the large British Aircraft carrier and other large naval ships. Stop sending warships into the Black Sea, in an aggressive manner, threatening the free passage of the Russian fleet out of its naval base in Crimea. As soon as you comply we will pull back our troops from the border, Promise. However what the US want is to use Ukraine as a US military base and have been pouring weapons into the country, mostly flown from bases in English, (go online see the photographs and flight paths from England to Kursk in Ukraine.) Is it not time that the US pulled its horns in, have they not learned anything from the 40 years.  

There is only one threat to world peace or that invasion of Ukraine and that threat is not from Russia but from the US and her partners in crime NATO. Wake up people for these Numpies – do it in your name.  

 I was asked out for a coffee and scone so thought I better clean myself up a little. When I emerged from the shower the BBC Scottish News was showing on the television. I only heard the tail end of the report – the Broon (Sir, Gordon Brown) doing his photo opportunity in some warehouse somewhere in Lochgelly. So the Broon who bankrupted the country when he was Chancellor, did not get the MOD to clean up the toxic waste on the beach at Dalgety Bay, has now solved the poverty crises in Scotland by getting Amazon to give, a charity set up in Lochgelly (with taxpayers money), all the unsold and returned goods to be handed out to the deserving poor in Scotland. Three Cheers For the Good Old Broon. Now if we had a government insisted that companies such as Amazon, instead of receiving governments handouts – paid their proper taxes rather than offshore them to low tax countries and used the millions and billions of sleight of hand tax evasion money to fund a proper Social Services, then we might eradicate the problem of poverty in Scotland not set up one more CHARITY. 

Stay safe

Woodland Cappers

Yesterday afternoon I set about cleaning up the part of the garden that I wish to turn into a woodland garden; you know bluebells, primroses, foxgloves, and that sort of thing. It turned into a really big job, piles of rubbish to clear away, sadly no compost heap, but I can at last see an improvement. The light was fading so time to put away the working tools.

Lack of pruning had rendered these bushes brittils to the touch and mostly dead wood., so I cut them down
a lot of raking to get to this stage
Where did it all come from
More bags required
Looking much better

I looked up Comfrey on the internet to find out a bit more about its habits and was surprised that it grows so tall; these must be all of 5 feet. I have only seen it at roadsides which get cut back at least twice a year, so have never seen it much higher than a foot, ruling out my planter, ho-hum. Thankfully there is a large clearing that has never had anything planted on it; it will take at least couple of plants.

The packs of seeds arrived, 10 different herb, (came as a set) and as ever I could not sit on my bum when there was work to do. So my workbench was turned into an improvised potting table.  Some seeds like the Coriander are big so could be spaced out and will be able to remain in their tubs and planted straight into the garden. Others will need thinned out for the seeds are so small to handle in this way, they will need potted on before they can be planting out in their final position

I will not need much rocking tonight.    

Today Thursday, I had to look it up I didn’t know what day of the week it was. Out in the morning – Out on the job – Work like a devil for No Pay. I was out at 8’Oclock just as it was getting light, with all the bin bags I could find, stuffing the piles of leaves into the bags took me for ever. But I do feel the effort was worth it. I am now hoping that the contract garden-maintenance men will take it away for us – since it was their job in the first place.

I will pop up to the Botanic Gardens after breakfast and see if they have any advice on eradicating ivy (don’t let it take hold in the  first place) and what to grow in my new woodland glade.

No cycle run today, although the weather is perfect for it, but I’m bushed.

Stay safe

Although the days are stretching and we have experienced a dry spell of weather that has brought a bit of sunshine into our lives, winter has not loosened its grip yet, it is still very cold out with the wind out of the North – North West.  I battled my way up onto Knock Hill and peddled all the way down the other side, so strong was the wind coming up out of the valley. Once in the dell and out of the wind, it was very pleasant cycling along in the sunshine.

My mission today was to see if I could find any Comfrey plants in the little woodland or roadside verge for my planter. There is a roadside verge down by the Ceres Burn that in May is festooned by Comfrew flowers, and thought I may be able to find a few shoots pocking up out of the ground. I scrapped away the deep litter of leaves to find lots of young hedgerow parsley but no Comfrey, yet I know it grows here in abundance. I did dig up some hedgerow parsley plants for my next project at City Park, not a problem in such rich loam.

We have a patch in the corner of the garden that has been neglected for years, Ivy has now invaded and if left to its own devices will engulf the bushes and trees to their eventual demise. I bought a digging hoe and intend to attack the ivy since it is difficult to dig the ground over with so many roots, and as I cycle around the highways and byways keep an eye open for hedgerow plants to plant there and hopeful act as a groundcover and keep the ivy at bay. Today it was hedgerow parsley and as soon as roadside flowers make an appearance I will dig them up and bring them home. Wild garlic (I know this makes a great ground cover), this grows in the little wood down here too, but again today I was too early to find any.

It is a difficult part of the garden; even where no ivy is growing for it is permanently in the shade of a very mature tree, still, it is a part of the garden where the maintenance men don’t venture so I hope to find enough dappled sunlight, to grow on some wild woodland plants.

Stay safe.   

It Worked

The morning was much, much colder than yesterday; the unsalted parts of the road were white with frost, and the wind like ice. Still. It was good to be out, and as I rode along the cycle track for Guardbridge the sun came up over my shoulder. I rode out to Diarise, dropped down to the Eden and stared back for home turning left at the Eden bridge, however, when I reached Strathkinness I dropped down through the village and climbed out the other side up onto the top road, turning at the crossroads for home.

This is a downhill section of road, starting off slightly and then dropping fast to the Kinness burn. The wind was now at my back and as the downhill gradient grow I was able to test out my addition to the bike a shoe that stopped the chain from falling off the front chainring, the proof of the pudding would be in the eating. I climbed up through the gears all the way to the top. Yippee my grannies a cowboy, it actually works.

It was not at all simple to fit. I had to file a longer slot, cutaway and file a flat on the back for the nut to rest in. clean up the face and an area of the frame where it would be attached and then drill and tap a hole to fix it to the frame. I did a dry run fitting it and when all looked A-Okay and at the correct high from the chain I did my belt and braces bit, added a two-part Epoxy glue to the face of both and bolted it in place. The finished fixture does not look much for all the work involved but it works and works well.

I did think of modifying a front changer then swapping the single chainring for a double, but when I removed the chainring the bottom bracket was a squared drive and not a taper so not standard and would have meant changing the bottom bracket too, a lot of work so I settled for a chain restrictor.  

Home and it was off to the Botanic Gardens once more for even more compos to fill the little Santa sledge now a planter for herbs, tomorrow I will head down to the Ceres Burn and dig up a clump of Comfrey to stick in the back compartment making a start.

When up the town the other day I cut through my usual shortcut and there, alongside the bins was a treadmill, it looked brand new, still had a plug and all the accessories intact, I could not understand why anyone would want to throw it out unless it was broken. It was a heavy carry home but a faint heart and all that. Set it up, plugged it in, and it worked like a dream. I shall not be doing any jogging on it but a genital stroll whilst watching my latest DVD Driving Miss Daisy – Charles said it was boring, possibly a good thing, since his taste in movies is crap.

That’s all the blethers for today, stay safe.         


This is reproduced from Robin McAlpine’s excellent site It deserves the widest audience to offset the ridiculous spin of the Scottish Government.

Here have some of this.

Scotland gives away its energy future

by Robin McAlpine | 17 Jan 2022

The ScotWind auction has just handed almost total control of Scotland’s energy future to overseas corporations for what looks like a pitifully small sum

The results of the auction of Scotland’s wind resources has been announced today. It was estimated that this ‘ScotWind’ auction would generate ‘up to’ £890 million by auctioning 10 GigaWatts of capacity. In the end they sold two and a half times as much (24 GigaWatts) for significantly less (£699 million).

So the first headline is that this auction delivered a price per GigaWatt of Scotland’s energy resources of almost exactly a third of the unit price they predicted.

The second headline is who won the bids. The biggest winner is BP – and Shell also features at number four in the list, so Big Oil is now a permanent resident in Scotland’s waters.

Of the rest the big winners in terms of the control of Scotland’s renewables futures are (in descending order) UK, Italian, Swedish, Belgian, Spanish, Spanish (again), UK, Canadian, Norwegian, Canadian (again) and Spanish (again). None of the successful bids went to companies registered in or owned by Scotland.

(Note that ScottishPower is owned by Iberdrola which is Spanish. SSE has a complicated structure with various subsidiaries but while it is headquartered in Perth, the largest part of its business is a subsidiary of OVO Group which is headquartered in Bristol. None of the controlling interests are Scottish – certainly not entirely so.)

Assessing the kind of value for money Scotland gets out of this is fairly straightforward. Very roughly, a GigaWattHour (i.e. the value of the electricity generated in one hour from this total capacity) is about £70,000. So for the corporations who now own (subject to a second phase of approval) this Scottish asset to recoup their total outlay is roughly two days of wind.

Of course they also need to build the infrastructure and that isn’t cheap. The average price for ten MegaWatt of offshore installed wind power is very variable depending on conditions but is in the order of about £6 million. So the total installation cost of all these developments will be in the order of about £15 billion.


It isn’t particularly easy to see how a nation could go about getting less value out of its natural resources.

While this may sound like a substantial investment, using the above calculations it would repay itself in as little as 900 hours of generation time. Which is to say that once this is all in place the time it will take the corporations to be in the ‘pure profit’ stage is about 40 days.

Of course wind generation isn’t constant so it won’t be 40 calendar days – but then again offshore wind is much more reliable than onshore wind. In addition there is an annual fee to be paid – but this will generate Scotland about £60 million to £90 million for Scotland.

To put that in perspective, if the entire development was carried out by a Scottish Public Energy Company and based on reported annual profits from currently installed offshore wind in Scotland the income for Scotland would instead be £5.5 billion.

So who is in charge of this process? The auction has been run by Crown Estates Scotland. This is a body which manages assets technically owned by the Monarchy but in practice it is a public corporation which answers solely to the Scottish Government, works closely with them and has their Chair and their Boardappointed directly by the Scottish Government.

This means that to all intents and purposes this is a wholly devolved function and this is the result of Scottish Government decision-making, not UK Government and not ‘The Crown’.

It is yet again worth comparing this situation with the way that Norway developed its oil and gas sector in public ownership capturing the profit for Norwegian citizens. Had the Scottish Government done the same it would have created an almost permanent income stream of over £5 billion for Scottish services – a ten per cent rise in the Scottish Government budget.

These resources are now lost to Scotland, and it remains to be seen if any manufacturing capacity is established in Scotland as a result. There are positive political noises being made about this (yet again), a PR spin which is undermined by the fact that supply chain issue were explicitly excluded from the auction tender and assessment process.

It isn’t particularly easy to see how a nation could go about getting less value out of its natural resources.


I have reproduced this article because I am disgusted at Scottish Government attempts to present this auction as some sort of success. Remember, only a few weeks ago Nicola Sturgeon announced she was abandoning plans to launch our own not for profit National Energy Company. Looking at the outcome of this auction she clearly prefers big profits for private companies, especially if they are owned and controlled outside Scotland. The SNP have lost their way and completely forgotten why they were elected. It is truly shameful.

i am, as always

Monday One More Time

Monday and what a day it has been. Being Monday it was my laundry day and since I had a lot to get through today I started early popping the washing into the machine at 6.30 am. An hour later I went off to the laundry to shift the washed clothes to the dryer, and the machine had not even started the wash cycle, and when I looked closer the little led light window told me that there was no water, well some Numpty had turned the water off that fed the machine from the main. I turned it back on and since all seemed well I went off and left it to its own devices. An hour later the washing was done and transferred to the drier, not a good start to my day.

Now you may remember me saying that the bike had a fault, if you changed up to the last two highest gears the chain popped off the front chainring. Now I have seen little gadgets that you can put in place to stop this from happening so when I was over at Pitscottie yesterday I went into Two Wheels and bought one. It all looked so easy, unscrew one set screw attach the gadget – shim to suit, some hours later and a trip to the ironmonger to get longer setscrews I still have not fitted it to the bike. I simply ran out of time for I had a dental appointment in Dundee.

The sun was out and it was almost spring-like again as I set off to the bus station, I was early so popped into the charity shop to see what DVDs were on offer (four for £1.00) you can’t go wrong even if you do not like it when you get it home, it is cheap enough not to worry over it. I go by artists when I pick DVDs. My favourite girls are Faye Dunaway, Renee Zellweger, Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Kristin Scott Thomas and not forgetting the gorgeous and talented Audrey Hepburn. Today it was Meg Ryan, French kiss, certainly worth a re-visit. Sandra Bullock 28 days, not sure about this one, then we have The Hours, again not sure about the plot but you can not go far wrong with Meryl Steep, Julianne Moore and Nick Kidman. And the cherry on the cake Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn at her best.

On to the dentist, I find it all very relaxing, okay it’s not fast, but the young girls are very enthusiastic, but all look the same to me, very clean fresh and very, very young, all have blonde hair, must be in vogue, and surprisingly all seem very competent for such youngsters.

Homeward, the bus was packed with students, wheeling some of the most enormous suitcases you are likely to see, weekend furlough over. Crossing the Tay Bridge the waters were as high as I’ve seen them, must be a spring tide. It has been a long day and it is only half over, now about this bike.

I’m already putting stuff aside for the big bike ride. Have ordered a large folding bike bag that will not only take my bike but all my gear packed in around it so I only have to wheel one case to the bus, (some bus companies such as Megabus only allow one case per passenger from Edinburgh to London.) When I get to Strasburg I will sort everything out and put what I need during the day into a small (carry onboard) backpack and the bike bag can then be folded up and lashed to the top of the pannier and the cloths and odds and sods can go in the pannier bag, the small lightweight backpack will also be lashed to the pannier rack with Bungee cord ready to throw onto my back when I go walkabouts. So many things require re-charging these days my Garmin, my A4 laptop, my hearing aid, and of course, the bike battery, that can be removed from the bike – still I suppose modern Youth Hostels will have sussed this out by now, and yes my European adaptor plugs are already in the box, maybe I need a small solar panel attached to the handlebars.

I have been winding down this website since I will be away for the best part of two months (and if I find a rich widow looking for a toyboy who knows). The day I have picked is March 8th 2022. I really want to get right away from my normal life and habits and simply lose myself in my bike/sightseeing ride. Goodbye cruel world as Calimero would have said.

Calimero | Vintage cartoon, Childhood memories, Old cartoons

Stay safe.

If I don’t do it now, I never will.

I have put off my trip to Austria long enough so when I returned from my run today I went onto the internet to see if the Youth Hostels were taking in customers in Austria. They are and have put in place restrictions for our safety. So I have went, gone, and done it, I have booked the overnight, Megabus from Edinburgh to London, on Sunday the 27th March 2022 arriving in London at 07:55 in the morning, Monday 28th March. My bus from London to Paris will leave (the same coach station) at 23:20 on the 28th March, giving me some time to see a bit of London and where the folding bike should come into its own. Then my journey from Paris will continue at 19:30 so again some time in Paris. The fly in the ointment I arrive in Strasbourg at around 0:1.30 in the morning. I did wish to have a day in Strasbourg so will look up the internet for someplace to spend the night and spend the next day seeing the sights.

The rest I will play by ear. Catch a local train to Triberg, and unfold my bike for the great adventure. I am leaving early for I do wish to be in Wien for the May Day celebrations and hopefully meet up with my old friend Peter Snowdon, (if he is still alive, he has not returned my Christmas card this year.) Wien is approximately 22 days into my trip – however, if I get waylaid along the way I can catch a bus or train into the city for the big celebrations.  

I do not intend to go on into Hungary from here but head for Salzburg then Munich, Zurich – and well, who knows. I have set aside £2,000 for the trip and that will in the end determine the duration of the trip. If I have spent up before I have my ticket home, from wherever it could be a long peddle home.   

Stay safe.

My Day

What a glorious day I had been, light-ish winds warm and sunny – a false spring day. The weather over the last seven days has been dry so out every day this week. I checked my mileage on Monday and decided I would try and put in 100 miles by the end of the week, 100 miles would have been a Sunday run once upon a time. Today I had to put in a bit of effort to make my quota. At Pitscottie I kept on, up over the hill for Peat Inn, I then carried on into Largoward dropping all the way down onto the B942 for Pittenweem. Cutting back east once more passed Kellie Castle and onto the B9131 Anstruther to St Andrews road and home – did it with miles to spare. I think it helps if you set yourself wee challenges, for when you achieve your goal it gives you a bit of a lift.

Returning home I saw my road bike, which Charles has been using, lying on the grass at the front of his flat. It had clearly been left out all night and to make matters worse lying with the drive chain side down in the wet grass. I picked it up and brought it indoors, the chain was rusty and had come off the cogs.

After washing my folding bike down I then started on the road bike, oiled the chain adjusted and sorted out the gearing blow up the tyres. Sorry Charles I don’t mind you using the bike, but not if you can not look after it better than this, it will stay with me now.

This afternoon I will take the tricycle out with the trailer and collect some compost from the Botanic Garden, if it’s free it has to be good. This weather has given me itchy green finger syndrome. Time to start thinking of planting up trays of seed, to bring on then harden off for planting out, this may seem early to many but it is much milder here at the coast, (last spring I hope was a one-off, a bad start to the spring planting with late and very heavy frost).   

Stay safe

Not everyone will agree with me

I personally have been against this gender war from the start – more so when it started to affect our children. It is very controversial and I know many do not hold my view on this but I feel it is so important that this bad law is not introduced into Scotland on the back of phobia.

An article ‘the second gender war’ first appeared in THE CRITIC by Maya Forstater, who goes into the subject at great length and far too long to attach here, however, the last few paragraphs are important and well worth the reading.

After a year of progress, the “conversion therapy ban” law threatens to resurrect bad gender policy all over again.

Most gender non-conforming children would grow up to be gay the push to recognise it as a right when adult desires to be treated as the opposite sex, creates a demand for a “born this way” narrative in which there exist transgender children who know their gender identity infallibly from an early age. These children, it is argued, should be raised as the opposite sex, given drugs to prevent puberty and then operated on to achieve a passing appearance.

A growing number of detransitioners, left with trauma and damaged bodies, argue that what was done to them was child abuse or medical negligence in ignoring the wider reasons for their unhappiness.

What we know is that most gender non-conforming children would grow up to be gay if their gender issues were left to resolve naturally. The modern experiment in transitioning children before they’ve grown up is a brutal new form of conversion therapy.

Amnesty International, Stonewall, Mermaids, Gendered Intelligence and Chair of the College of Policing Nick Herbert — the same organisations that tried to make it dangerous to say men are not women — now want to criminalise parents, teachers and therapists who tell children they are not “born in the wrong body”.

This is almost a carbon copy of the move to equate disagreement with gender ideology with racist hate speech. Except for this time the bait-and-switch move is with sexual orientation.

“Conversion therapy” (or “practices”) is proposed to be a perception-based crime, with a self-appointed victim. It will put “gender identity” (that concept Kathleen Stock called “ill-conceived as a potential object of law or policy”) into law and criminalise adults who try to steer children away from being sterilised and medicalised for life because of teenage unhappiness.

Only the guilty need be fearful — trust us!

As with “hate”, there may be few prosecutions, but enough police visits and HR calls to make people nervous for their livelihoods. The number of prosecutions will tell us little about the extent of the chilling effect on professionals.

The policy targets people with careers to lose, with a specific focus on people whose job it is to safeguard children. Doctors, teachers, therapists, social workers, youth workers and charities will feel the chilling effect of the long arm of the law. Parents will be threatened with losing their children.

The (Scottish) government is trying to rush through this legislation in time for a razzmatazz LGBT Summit next summer.

Don’t worry; say the government and the organisations that have been promoting the persecution of people like Harry Miller, Alison Bailey, Kathleen Stock, I and so many others for speaking up. There will be safeguards, guidance and training (by Stonewall!). Only the guilty need be fearful of having their livelihoods destroyed, losing their home or having their children taken away. Trust us!

I believe I am living in a parallel universe; I switch on the news and hear endlessly about some tennis player that has been refused a visa to stay in Australia for a tennis match. Yet here we have the Scottish government attempting to put into law, something that will tear our country apart and destroy families and put children in harm way, and not a dickey bird.

Stop the world Walter wants to get off.

Stay safe.   

COVID what’s it all about?

Boy, was it windy or was it windy, I beat into the wind all the way into Cupar, even having to keep up the effort going downhill. The change when I turned onto the Pitscottie road was sheer magic. No matter how many times it happens I am always amazed when you turn out of a headwind how quite everything goes. It is the same when you are out sailing, tacking back and foreword, beating your way into a fierce headwind can be a noisy business, then the run for home goose winged or spinnaker stretched in the wind, suddenly, the sound of silence.

And bends the gallant mast – my boy, setting our good ship free – away the good ship flies to leave old Scotia on her lee.  

I’m once more H-A- P-P-Y.

I had watched the Alex Salmond Show (on RT) before leaving the house. He had two eminent scientists on today; talking about COVID will we have to live with it forever, much like the common cold? It is the sheer clarity of his guests that I always find so appealing. Today the return of Chris Smith (The Naked Scientist) although the man uses academic language it does not go over the layman’s head. No waffle either. Today he was talking about variants, and it seems these viruses are clever little buggers. Not wishing to kill off their host – that would be suicidal after all – and if they can enter the body of someone who has a low immunity system, caused by saying other discuses such as Aids in places like Africa where it is still very prevalent. Or people whose immune system has been weakened by malnutrition or poor diet, and poverty, it is given time to learn about the bodies immune system and modify to combat or circumnavigate that system. This is fascinating stuff that you never hear on mainstream media, what we get there are medical officers that sound good on-air reiterating the government’s press release, (well, after all, there could be a gong from the Queen in the New Year honours list).

Seems to me from what I can glean from these cleaver men is what we have known for such a long time – Poverty, malnutrition, poor housing, bad diet, lack of exercise, obesity, kill more of the world’s population than coronavirus does each and every year, and gives these viruses an opportunity to invade humans and mutate and are then passed on to healthy parts of the population.

When a boy, I remember all sorts of horrible diseases doing the rounds, I also remember being lined up in the corridor of our school and marching forward when our name was called to have an injection to help the spread or prevent some of these diseases, in the community. And unlike today, it was worldwide. I still can not get my head around this. A jumbo jet of people die every day from coronavirus (or one of its variants) and two jumbo jets die each day from preventable diseases, simply because the host is being forced to live in poverty.

We know the problem, we know how to prevent (or at least control) the problem, but governments seem to be struggling with the concept, even if the WHO has spelt it out for them often enough,

“No one is safe until everyone is safe”

Prevention lies in healthcare for all the peoples of the world – end poverty, send aid, school teachers, doctors, nurses to struggling countries not more military equipment or bomb the hell out of their infrastructure – bairns not bombs.

Rather than spending billions in the NHS trying to cure, spend it on prevention – better affordable housing, end food banks by having a proper safety net, spend money on a proper cycle-friendly environment, you do not need special cycle paths, roads are fine if they are made safe for cyclists and proper penalties for bad behaviour towards cyclists by (mainly motorists). Getting people out of cars and onto a bike, and/or walking would save millions per year to the NHS from breathing difficulties to obesity, from heart attacks and strokes. Line up your children and give them inoculated against modern diseases that like the old ones will then be confined to the history books.  

What do you want for your children and children’s children? What do you want from your life? A life of high-cost illness, going on indefinitely, for that is what we are seeing today? Or a better life based on people not the bottom line of a balance sheet? Politicians will tell us endless growth is the only way to a better life, so go on, work ourselves into an early grave, chasing endless growth, or get your life back. Life can be better for all the worlds children if we stop chasing the marketing man’s sales target. A government’s growth figures and constant growth is not the only way to afford modern society that is a government lie.  Expansion or what they call economic growth is like blowing up a balloon; its walls grow weaker and weaker until BANG, you can not be expanded into infinity. The resources of this world are finite; our time on this earth is finite, so let’s use them wisely.

You hold the key to a better life; if you do not like your life change it, sound too simple, it’s not that easy. I did not say it would be easy, knowing is the easy part, saying it out loud is the hard part. And if it is the government of your country that is holding your people back, vote them out of office.  

Let’s make our world fit for heroes – but you and meI as well.

Stay safe.