“How the Pandemic Ruined Britain’s Health and Wealth.

I have started reading Blinded by Corona by John Ashton, it should be read by every person having a vote in the next General Election so that they can make an informed choice about who they wish to govern them, I do not believe they will wish to choose either the Tories under Boris JohnstonContinue reading ““How the Pandemic Ruined Britain’s Health and Wealth.”

“We need to take back control.”    

The morning came late; it was after 8 am before I made it onto the road. The low morning sun was bright and watery, I rechecked my rear light. Elie weather had told me that the wind would pick up between 20 -23 mph by mid-morning, the flags flying at right angles to their flagstaffContinue reading ““We need to take back control.”    “

Scotland shit upon once more.

Away back in 2014 David Cameron, the then Tory Prime Minister, offered a (I believe it was one million pounds) to explore and develop carbon capture and storage, (CCS) when it looked as if Scotland was the only contender, a gas-fired Power station in the northeast of Scotland, the offer was withdrawn. Longanet Power stationContinue reading “Scotland shit upon once more.”

Global Warming and The Widow’s Mite

Dreich and wet over St Andrews, this morning, so I thought I would wait a while to see if it gets any better before venturing out on my bike. Whilst flicking through the television channels yesterday evening I caught the end of a programme on BBC 2. The programme was about the changes from globalContinue reading “Global Warming and The Widow’s Mite”

“They have went and gone and done it.”

The cycle run this morning was in drizzle rain, but summer is over so we have to adapt to the changing seasons. Home showered, and as I flicked through the television menu, I spotted Swallows and Amazons, my all-time favourite children’s adventure film, well ‘Railway Children comes a close second. Both were made for televisionContinue reading ““They have went and gone and done it.””