When I read this today, it did not surprise me one bit. Scotland is being controlled and led by Westminster through the Scottish Office, not Holyrood. Nicola Sturgeon, as First Minister, is now their puppet. So keen to stay in her post she has climbed into bed with the Tory party, and now with theContinue reading “MACASKILL QUIZZES PRESIDING OFFICER OVER DRACONIAN PROTEST POWERS”

The Face of Failed Foreign Policy,

Tonight we heard of the tragedy unfolding in the English Channel – an accident waiting to happen some would say, and the English are blaming the French and the French are blaming the English, and they are both right, for they are both to blame. When I first started sailing, out of sight, of landContinue reading “The Face of Failed Foreign Policy,”

Just Another Political Party

Tory! Tory! Tory! Out! Out! Out! It is getting to the point that there is not a fag paper between the ideology of the political parties in the UK and Scottland has followed suit – How long I wonder before Nicola Sturgeon announces at her parties conference, “Scottish Independence is not such a Good Idea”Continue reading “Just Another Political Party”

America’s Obsession with Guns.

Strong winds are still very much dominating our weather here in Fife, so we will once more be playing back and forth along the cycle track, and in the relative shelter of the hedgerow. Yesterday I copied a satirical blog from Iain, on the Scottish justice system – at least we could laugh at thatContinue reading “America’s Obsession with Guns.”

Don’t you just love the Scottish justice system?

HelloThere .by Iain lawson – at Craig Murray’s first conversation with another prisoner in the Edinburgh jail.HELLO, THEREWhat’s your name? Craig MurrayWhat are you in for? Not sure, nobody can tell me. Surely the Police must have said? Nope, not a word I heard it was jigsaw identification. I asked about it in here but nobodyContinue reading “Don’t you just love the Scottish justice system?”

COP 26 – The Parties Over My Freind.

I have read many articles over these last few months, telling us that technology is the way to escape global warming it is not, the silver bullet, the panacea. Yes, we have come a long way to change to renewable over the last decade, so ask yourself this, “Why is CO2 in the atmosphere stillContinue reading “COP 26 – The Parties Over My Freind.”

A Joy for any Girl or Boy.

The finished rocking horse/chair – I could do with a pair of bar end stoppers to complete its ensemble since the handlebars are just that cut-down, bicycle drop handlebar. The rails, rockers and glue blocks, Ashwood, from a single bed that was to be thrown out. The head is made from Oak, part of aContinue reading “A Joy for any Girl or Boy.”