This time it is Sunday, and no mistake.

It was a fine early morning ride out on the bike, cold and crisp and still that low watery sun that is so blinding. I was on my conventional bike today, for the day had not started well, all dressed up and would you believe it, a rear-wheel puncture in the e-bike. I did notContinue reading “This time it is Sunday, and no mistake.”

Scotland’s Justice in the Dock – Again!

Re-blog Iain Lawson blog – Yours for Scotland. It seems inconceivable  It seems crazy but there is a belief the Scottish Government are planning to introduce jury free trials in Scotland for sexual offences. This at the same time as there is a group of rogue women throwing about smear and innuendo like confetti againstContinue reading “Scotland’s Justice in the Dock – Again!”

Magic Words, That Don’t Travel Well.

It was much milder today, but only in comparison with the colder day that have just passed. Out along the cycle track, on reaching Guardbridge the tide was fully in and slack, its waters like a mirror reflecting the estuary banks and sky. Up and into Strathkinness, and dropped down to the crossroads. The roadContinue reading “Magic Words, That Don’t Travel Well.”

Just When You Thought ………..

Monday, once more and the same old routine, ‘rain comes down and it soaks my skin – the sun comes out and I’m sweating again – life gets tedious – doesn’t it?’   The weekend weather battered the hell out of last of the flowers in the garden and brought down some trees by theContinue reading “Just When You Thought ………..”

We must stand back and see the Bigger Picture

The worst thing about growing old is – remembering when you were young. However on the plus side of the equation, I have absorbed a lot of life during my time here on earth, and old age (retirement) has given me the time to filter, analyse and even question many of my long-held beliefs. MyContinue reading “We must stand back and see the Bigger Picture”