America’s Obsession with Guns.

Strong winds are still very much dominating our weather here in Fife, so we will once more be playing back and forth along the cycle track, and in the relative shelter of the hedgerow.

Yesterday I copied a satirical blog from Iain, on the Scottish justice system – at least we could laugh at that and although justice was far from being ‘seen to being done and however poor we might have seen the judgment handed down by her Ladyship, clearly influenced by political pressure and showed the Scottish justice system in a very poor light – sending an innocent man to prison – however, no one was shot and killed.

Yesterday on all the major media channels we witnessed footage, along with their report, on the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial. What does this say about the American people, their government, and their justice system? A country that allow vigilantes onto their streets with semi-automatic weapons? All played out in full view of the police, America’s bastions of law and order?

We see a running battle where a teenager, brandishing an illegally bought semi-automatic weapon, clearly not right in the head and out of control. He shoots three unarmed people, with impunity, killing two and life long injures to the other, then walk free from the courtroom without charges being brought against him.

To add insult to injury up pops someone running for Congress and in front of the worlds media, upholds the verdict. Then again we did see pictures of him outside his home, posing like Clyde Barrow or his sidekick Bonnie Parker, (with a machine gun), he with his semi-automatic weapon.     

Oh, how I love my guns, I do,

Yes, they are designed to kill, that true,

But the more I have in my collection,

The BIGGER grows my ERECTION.  

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