Another find day cycling, we even had some sunshine.  I did go around the charity shops looking for cotton material with a big rose pattern on it, but it would seem flower pattern dresses are no longer in vogue. However the girls came up trumps with an old bathroom curtain – just big enough for the job, I like it.

I have not tried sticking material onto wood before and if I ever did it again I would do so before I fitted hooves and saddle, cutting wet material with a Stanley knife is not easy, but we got there in the end. Just a bit of detail on the head and we are there.

It’s all those pesky Russians again; it’s them again, mum.

Refuges on the Polish – Belarus border it is all about Russia and how they are trying to destabilise the EU, codswallop!   

If you want to know who is responsible for the migration problems into Europe look no farther than France, England, and the United States of America. It was they that invaded Syria – Libya – and Afghanistan and caused one million people to be displaced.

Now we hear that the UK government (not without Americas say so) have sent troops to Poland to help with the crises there. Why are the EU not, along with the Polish and the Belarus governments, getting around the table and sorting this out – simple really America and their yappy little lap dog (England) want the trouble to escalate and blame Russia that is what is at the heart of the matter.

Already they are building larger docking facilities in the Black Sea so that large American and British warships can dock there. They have been trying to get Ukraine into NATO so that they can have American and British troops right along Russia’s southern border. Remember the regime change in Ukraine (America put their man in power) the Russians retaliated when their only ice-free naval port and only exit to the Mediterranean Sea was threatened – they isolated the Crime and the eastern fringes of Ukrain to protect their southern borders. Whilst there is a dispute between Ukraine and Russia, over Crime, and lands that once belonged to Ukrain, nothing can be done about bringing Ukraine into NATO for it would mean that Russians claim to the Crime would have to be accepted by the UN – so look out for, Ukraine (under America’s guidance) trying to kissing and making up with Putin over Crime. I think Putin is too long in the tooth to fall for that one. For it would mean Ukraine would then be free to join NATO.  

What the US and UK fail to realise is that this is not the 1970 – 1980 Russia going with a begging bowl to the International Monetary Fund, Russian is a powerful country in its own right now, Putin had made it so, and he will not be pushed around by the west. The US is playing a very dangerous game here – sabre rattling only takes one side to slip and it will be a full-scale war, and after Iraq- Syria – Libya and Afghanistan you would have to put your money on Russia, to triumph. We can only hope that this is all talk and no substance from the US.   

Stay safe

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