Today had been a bit different

The wind was light but no sun as I headed out on my morning run. Only out for one hour since I was expecting the woman from the cat sanctuary to call and pick up books and bric-a-brac, for their charity shops and Amazon would be delivering my wood glue, almost out. So a day at home was planned.

I spread my big trampoline out on the grass and move my workshop outdoors – lots of noisy machines, sawdust and shaving – not good for the bedroom carpet.

Back indoors and started to put things together, not there yet, but at least you can see what I’m trying to acheive, a small child’s rocking chair.

I have been thinking about colours, and have come up with this crazy idea. I love the Wemyss cats, with their gay decoration of flowers, you just have to smile when you see them – what if I went to the charity shop and picked up a flower-patterned dress, made from thin cotton and covered the main body in floral material – that would work, (I’m sure the arty farty people will have a name for it.)

Doesn’t time fly when you are busy – I could kill for a pot of tea now, and my belly thinks my throat has been cut?

I have really enjoyed my day.

Stay safe.  

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