Some News From the Home Front.

I was up every hour on the hour from around 4 O’clock in the morning, why? Well I had to be in Dundee for 9 O’clock for my big day – I was going to be fitted with my new hearing aids. I finally rose at 6 O’clock and before I had turned around it was, get my skates on, time – home again by 10 o’clock.

So what’s the verdict? Well, we live in a very noisy world, that’s for sure, my floorboards squeak and my electric clock has one hell of a tick that I never heard before. So, yes, brilliant – once you get over the cost, £2995.00 little wonder that the NHS has given up on issuing hearing aids. Still, I’m sure they will find other ways to spend their money.

The bad news, if the undertaker comes in the near future he will be out of luck, the state will have to cremate me.

I have not really been paying much attention to the Cop (out) 26 in Glasgow; well everyone and their dog knew how it would turn out. Photo opportunities, and back-slapping but no real commitment to do anything much about global warming.

Talking about photo opportunities Oor Nicola has been embarrassing us all by running around the venue like a teenage autograph hunter, let loose at a Hollywood gala, having selfies taken with all the Celebes. She is of course avoiding, like the plague, Francois Legault, leader of the province of Quebec in Canada, well she would not wish to be associated with anyone trying to break away from Mother Parliament.         

As for Boris, he was up at COP 26 yesterday, not that he is really all that interested in global warming. No, it seems that things were getting a bit hot for him in London. People accusing his Tory friends of misbehaving and corruption, who could think such a thing of a Right Honourable Gentleman? Of course, I do not believe for one moment this was why he came north in such haste – politicians have skin like a rhinoceros, nothing is going to penetrate or upset, thick-skinned Boris.   

I loved the story in the Guardian about Julia (Hurricane) Hawkins; who set a new world record for the 100m sprint, at Louisiana Senior Games on Sunday. The time, 1 minute 2.95 seconds, ‘World record’ – you can’t be serious?  Oh, I forgot to say, Julia, is 105 years old.  

You may remember me telling you that Charles is an academic (school teacher) – over at the café today, he was telling me he would have liked to write his memoirs but his hands shake so much now he can’t.

“I still touch-type above 80 words per minute,” I told him. If you get yourself a Dictaphone I will type up whatever you speak into it and pass it back to you for proofing. He seemed excited about the idea. (Writing will be the easy part – getting it published will be the problem.) Still, he told me his story would be very funny and I could have half the royalties – hold me back.

Had to put my furnisher removal hat on, and move a chair, not a problem, two-minute job. Well, that was until it would not go through the doorway, it had a swivel underneath so that was the first to come off, still no joy, next remove the door. Another ‘two-minute’ job ticked off, must be time for tea now.  

Stay safe.

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