The weekend was…..

Not much changed over the weekend, and the only real story was the strength of the wind, and only then if you were on a bike. So another Monday, and the Monday routine begins again, Laundry, Aldi and my run out, it is also the end of the first week of Cop (out) in Glasgow, the great and the good have had their very expensive meal and headed home, business as usual.

Today we read that the US has signed a 650 million dollar deal to deliver missiles to Saudi Arabia, I wonder what the cost, in the Global Warming, the manufacture of armaments has on the world. For it’s the manufacturing process that is increasing global warming, and that is Capitalism drive.

Every day you will hear about GDP (gross domestic product) and politicians will be quick to point out that we need GDP growth if we are to pay for the services we all depend upon. Such growth can only be achieved if industry sells us more and more goods, and if you want cheaper goods then that will mean high production (economy of scale) sadly for the earth – this is the real driver of Global Warming.

Way back in the 1960s I first read the book ‘Small is Beautiful’ the author argued that rather than build big power stations we should have small units closer to where they were needed. It has taken a while but we now see this practice being acted out in some of the more remote areas of the world. Small production of electricity from small nuclear reactors (much like those in nuclear submarines) they are much more flexible, you do not have to run a huge generator at 95 per cent, it can not be shut down when demand is less, so it keeps up production and we keep the lights on all night to use up the surplus electricity, oh they will tell you it is for safety that the lights burn all night across the world, but is that really the truth?

High production means that goods can be made more cheaply, but it also means that the manufacturer must sell that overproduction and one way to do that is to build in a self destruct mechanism, we all know that that printer we depend on every day has a life expectancy of X hours then it will require replacing, and year on year that replacement date is getting shorter.

That Smartphone will be superseded by a new model almost as soon as you get it home and unpacked. The advertising men will be on your case selling you a new product almost as soon as you buy that supper duper model you have a burning need for.

Cars, those new electric cars that they are now trying to get you to buy, Oh so green, but are they really any greener or less polluting when it is the manufacturing process that accounts for the pollution, and the concrete and road surfaces production that these cars run on that is adding to Global Warming, and not so much the fuel they burn.

So what is the real solution to Global Warming?

Manufacture products that last, and can be reused.

There was a television series some years back called ‘Never mind the quality, feel the width’ maybe it is time to think QUALITY over WIDTH.

Reveres the Capitalist system for a more sustainable one, High-Quality health care, High-Quality services, such as water, power and the internet, accessible ‘To All’ not simply those that have access, the capital.  

We need to make goods, last longer, and around humans not around capitalism.  

Let’s slim down and build a world around – Less poverty – less insecurity – less fat cats. Then and only then will we start to tackle Global Warming.

How I hear you cry – well with the right catalyst, it can happen, just look what is happening in the US right now. Vaccinating the population against COVID-19, we would all agree is a good thing, right. Then why is there such a backlash against a president that wants (in his belief) the best for the population? He introduced that little word MANDATORY. As soon as you trample on peoples FREEDOMS you will be in soapy bubbles. People Power is how you achieve an end to Global Warming, and that has already begun on the streets of Glasgow, not within the COP (out) inside the arena.        

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