It has been a fun-packed day

Charles had the carpet fitters in (some charity or other supplying them) a fabulous job grey carpet from end to end, real posh, all he needs now is some furnisher, however with the frequency of people moving in and out of here at the moment, he will soon have the rooms filled to overflowing, just look at me.

I went out on my bike, Strathkinness, down to the Eden Bridge, the road from here into Pitscottie is still closed so up to Diarise, Guardbridge and home. Cold, cold, wind, must rake out my winter gloves.

Charles caught me coming in, wanted nails and a hammer to hang mirror and pictures; I gave him a hammer drill, masonry bit, raw plugs, and screw nails, and left him to it.

No milk or bread, so off to the shops. As I passed Boots the optician, I thought, these guys do hearing aids, I wonder if they are any cheaper?

“Yes, we do”

Was the answer to my question, as to whether they did in fact did do hearing aids; well the shop is an optician. 

“Can I have an appointment, please?”

The girl disappeared through the back and then beckoned me to follow; I was led into a small office. Then another girl told me she had a slot before her next appointment. She explained right away that these hearing aids were not cheap – ranging from hundreds of pounds to top of the range a smidgen under £3,000. Well, that is better than the £5,550 quoted yesterday so I will not have to apply for a second mortgage, after all.  

We went through all the same procedures as yesterday and this time I saw the results on the monitor – most of the high sounds were clearly at or in the severe end of the graph, ho-hum.

There must be a lot of deaf people in St Andrews for her diary was booked up to the sky, not another appointment until the mid-week in December, how lucky was I to just walk in at that time.

Yes, I want a pair of hearing aids, but they do not keep stocks of them in the shop so I have another appointment (this time in her office at Dundee) seems there are fewer deaf people in Dundee, so a week tomorrow.

Better get over to Church Square toot sweet with my pennywhistle, and a notice,


Early afternoon was spent in the garden; it badly needed a bit of a tidy up. Cut back the Lupines and gave it good hoeing over, easy-peasy after all the rain of the past weeks. I was caught by Jean, she had been given a planter trough from somewhere and could I drill some holes in the bottom of it for her. Yes, of course.

It’s getting offal dark must be home time.

I am making a rocking chair for my niece’s, youngest daughter’s, child (imminent) Boy do I feel old. I have been working on the head that will fit in front of the seat; do you think it looks like a horse? I think he looks too sad for a child’s rocking chair; you’ll need to do a bit more work on that one Hamilton.

The other memorable moment was watching Mary Lou McDonald address her Sinn Fein conference; she spoke eloquently, with power, force and truth, about the overwhelming desire for change in Ireland. She described the partition of Ireland, correctly, as a violent assault. Clearly, we see daily a desire in Ireland for a unity poll; it is their right, in the Good Friday Agreement, where a generation in politics is described as seven years. Take note, Scotland.

I am not sure whether I read it somewhere or heard it from someone that NI was reluctant to join with the south, because there was no NHS in the south. The speed at which the NHS is disintegrating in the UK, this should no longer be a barrier to unification.

One other thought, at present the US President Biden (Roman Catholic) is a big supporter of NI making a bid for freedom, it would be much easier now with a sympathetic president in the White House, than when the Republicans retake power, (and remember Trump has not gone away or lost his apatite to regain the presidency) with a Trump and Johnston tag team there will be little chance of change in NI – unless it is to their advantage.   

3 thoughts on “It has been a fun-packed day

  1. I have also heard good things of Boots for hearing accessories. Stocked that in back of mind but its coming to the fore…


  2. I don’t think a United Ireland is as close as Sinn Fein would have us believe. Currently people living in NI are better off financially as part of the UK. Brexit has changed that though and could lead to a United Ireland much quicker. Although I’m nervous about the economic implications I would like to see it in my lifetime, I think I will but I could be your age before then…


  3. Why are people so frightened of change? there is such a thing as a velvet divorce, Southern Ireland, has been separated from the UK for over 100 years, but they still continue an amicable relationship with each other. Better to be in control of your own purse than have a pocket money economy. And the same goes for Scotland. I do not know if Scotland will be better off financially after independence, and I do not really care, just so long as we are a more caring (for each other) country and less about grabbing all you can when you can, the devil takes the hindmost. but maybe I am biased.


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