Hear, Hear.

What a strange old day I had yesterday, appointment at the hearing centre, so iron a shirt and press my trousers, you have to make the effort. Living in sheltered housing you get lazy about your dress, so it does you good to get dolled up from time to time.

The consultancy was very good; you even get to see inside your ear on the monitor, very, very hairy but no potatoes. Plugged into the computer the sound quality was perfect, but a bit big to carry around with you.

I had done a lot of research on the internet, and simple amplifying hearing aids are cheap enough, but I know from experience that they amplify all the problems as well as speech. I needed something that could be programmed to my hearing deficits. Also, I wanted an omnidirectional hearing aid, the old one I had from the NHS you had to be looking at the person speaking so problems when in a crowd, especially in a noisy environment like a pub. 

The hearing aids I was given to try worked really well, I was told,

“The best in the world, at this time,” my answer to that was,

 “And come with the best in the world price tag” and I was right, £5,500 the pair.

The cheapest of these non-amplifier hearing aids starts at £2,500 a pair. (I wonder if they give re-mortgage loans to the over 80s?)

The lad was good at selling the product, but a bad closer, I hope he is not dependent on sales to make up his wages, or his kids will go to bed hungry.

When in Dundee I went into the charity shops and looked over the DVD, you are seeing the same DVD over and over in different shops. I picked out “Shirley Valentine” manly for the actress Pauline Collins, her performance in Educating Rita was an Oscar-winning performance for me. The script was a laugh a minute, lines like, when she was, telling the wall, about her husband and how he had changed over the years,

“He came in smiling one day – and I didn’t recognise him.”

Or the British at the dinner table – they had gone to Greece on holiday but expected everything to be ‘British Seaside’ with the sun; Shirley looks into the camera and tells us,

“If they were at the Last Supper, they would have asked for chips”.

Tom Conti was well cast in the part of the Casanova and bar owner, and he looks like a Greek – if there is any such animal.

I will have to get myself fixed up with hearing aids if I am to have any quality of life, even if it does mean emptying my bank book. I just did not expect it to cost so much, a big hole in my holiday funds, and time slipping away to make up for any losses.  

A girl told me that her dad uses his smartphone, he simply puts it down in the middle of the table and he is then able to hear everyone around the table from it. Not sure how that works but worth looking into.  

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Hear, Hear.

  1. My Dad has hearing aids from Specsavers (they do ears and eyes now!) and they are Bluetooth. He connects them direct to the radio and phone in the car so it could be something similar. I think they were expensive too though


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