Peeing it doon.

I did not even bother going out today is yuck out there. Being Sunday, the television is all about the Glasgow Cop (out.)

Andrew Marr said, “It is not all about blab, blab, blab.”

Clearly, he is not listening to himself from his own living room; it is exactly the same old politicians doing blab, blab, blab. Marr went on about how the UK is one of the least polluters in the world. Well yes, however, he failed to mention that before Margaret Thatcher closed down all the coal mines and heavy industry in the UK, the UK was one of the most industrial and polluting countries in the world and has been over the last 100 years. Then maybe the billions of tones of toxic fumes we pumped into the atmosphere over that time have somehow vanished into, what is now the new and ever so clean, thin air, over the UK.

We did not change to a greener energy source we simply outsoared our polluting industry to China and India. Now we are trying to take the moral high ground and point a finger at others. Boris Johnston even trumpeted this the other day in an interview from Italy; he told the rest of the world,

“We did it”

When talking about ending coal production. Or did they just swap one polluter for another, when oil and gas come on stream from the North Sea? Just because we did not burn all that oil and gas from the North Sea, ourselves, we are still complicit in its burning.  Don’t you just hate hypocrites? Yes, I do, with a vengeance.

I heard a little of the Alistair Jack interview, you know the guy who guises as Secretary of State for Scotland, whose job description is to look after the interests of Scottish people, at Westminster, no it’s not a Christmas joke, and yes I know he is not Santa Clause with a bag full of goodies. And to be fair, he is a Tory, and there is a lot of competition for those top jobs in Tory-land at Westminster, and more so when you wish to retire to the House of Lords, keeping Scotland down at heel, and under Westminster’s heel, will help keep you in a job and in the eye of those that will eventually get you into the Lords. It is what Darwin called the “Survival of the fittest”.

Then maybe I am being just a little unfair to our Secretary of State for Scotland, he has given us cheap flights to the highlands and islands, ‘not exactly green’ and doesn’t mention ferryboats passenger numbers that may suffer from all those extra cheap flights.

His party did promise to put a bit more money in projects in some parts of Scotland,  (approved by Westminster and bypassing Holyrood) but none will get us anywhere nearer a greener economy, in fact, all the concrete…..

And yes, he did say that he is ‘Very Upset’ that the Carbon Capture and Storage were not coming to Scotland – even although it is up and running and ready to go, and so badly needed if Scotland is to reach its global warming targets, (but if they were able to do that then that would really upset Boris.) think “levelling up.”

As for the NHS, with a great influx of visitors into Glasgow, rise even higher the daily Covid-19 cases, (already too high in the city) will this not affect an already overstretched, to breaking point, service?  – Not at all – Just keep singing ‘Happy birthday (twice) as you wash your hands.

Stay safe.

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