Twice around the Mulberries bush.

Twice around the Mulberries bush, well, cycle track actually. Home and under the shower, what did not go in the laundry basket was hung up to dry, cycling cape, cap, shoes, changed into dry clothes and umbrella to the fore, it was off up to Aldi.

I always visit Aldi once a week, to get the main shopping, potatoes, Nordpak spread, penne Pasta, Bananas organic, beans, mince, marmalade, soda scones, potato scones, tomatoes, tea, and marzipan bar, how did that get in there, must have fallen from the shelf into my basket as I passed. £12.33 help ma boab. Milk and bread I pick up in St Andrews if and when needed. The amount of people that shop at Aldi now speaks volumes.

As the Cop (out) in Glasgow grows ever nearer, Boris is back-peddling like mad to dampen down expectations. Chine leaders will not be attending; Russian leaders will not be attending, although he has managed to persuade the Indian PM to come along. As for America, well, it matters little what Biden spouts, or even promises for whatever it is, it is not in his gift to deliver on. Anything he promises will have to be signed off by Congress, good luck with that one, with mid-term elections on the horizon, as for Boris…

The French President punched poor Boris in the nose,

For stepping on those Franchise toes,

Boris, not being any kind of diplomat,

Got up and punched the Frenchman back.

The squabbling over, what is essentially a bad Brexit deal, that Boris no longer likes and has tried to bully the EU into changing, even threatening to tear up international treated, Sorry Boris, you make the bed you must now lie in it. He did say he had the ear of the German Chancellor in an interview this morning, don’t you mean the caretaker German Chancellor, who may be sympathetic to you Boris, but, that is as far as it will go, poor Boris, it seems no one loves him anymore, and council elections looming ominously nearer and nearer, and 2024 is not really that far off either, winter flu, coronavirus still not under control. The NHS falling apart, gas prices rising, rents rising, wages stagnant over the last decade (so reducing wages) and I did see a lot of empty shelves in Aldi today and Tesco yesterday when I went over for milk, Oh dear, Oh dear, Boris, you are in the poo. Now I would not wish to add to your troubles, but only to remind you of what the Tories did to Thatcher when she became a liability, no longer a vote winner, still, look on the bright side, your pension will be safe enough and they are warming a seat for you in the Lords.

The good news is the Rail Union had the right idea, strike (literally) when you are in a position of strength. They declared their intention to walk out on strike during the Cop in Glasgow, and it worked, fair fast, well-done lads. Sad that other unions such as those representing the NHS workers did not do likewise when they had the ball at their feet. Their union acted more like Ferdinand the Bull and went off to sit under his cork tree and smell the flowers.  I always had to smile when the announcer on the BBC News mentioned the ASLEF Union. (As Left my train at the Station and went on strike,) yes I know simple things amuse simple minds.      

Stay safe.

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