Is there a planned depopulation of Scotland to stop a YES vote for independence?

Today, just for a change I cycled over to Leuchars and back, as I passed the airfield the windsock was at attention, in a horizontal plane. I am not sure just how many knots per hour that represents but a lot, certainly a lot when you are cycling into a headwind.

Home by midday, even so, the flat seemed dark and dreich.

Wednesday, making it coffee morning (old wives blethering club) and planning department. I wonder what they are cooking up for me today, “if you have time Walter”. I quite enjoy doing wee jobs for them, keeps me active.

I did find out that William’s illness is Parkinson’s, so no reprieve, although I do believe they have drugs to lessen its effect these days (control.)

Billy Connelly suffers from Parkinson’s, and he was on television one time talking about his illness and how it affects his life. He said, I was talking to another lad with Parkinson’s and he asked

“Has your hand started shaking yet?”

“No, I replied.”

“Well, when it does” don’t put your hand in your trouser pocket”.

I suppose you have to laugh at such times, you can’t wish illness away. In a similar scenario, Eric Morecombe, of the Morecombe and Wise duo, was appearing on the Parkinson Show and had the audience roaring with laughter as he retold the story of a time when he was suffered a heart attack. It was dark O’clock, out in the sticks and down this little country lane. Help came in the form of a young farm lad, who had only ever driven a tractor before, now behind the wheel of his Aston Martin, whoosh! Off they went to the hospital. 


‘The colonizer is a privileged being and an illegitimately privileged one; that is, a usurper’ (Albert Memmi)

Is there a planned depopulation of Scotland to stop a YES vote for independence?

I read recently a blog from a Scotsman who has spent the last two years obtaining Danish citizenship. Danish citizenship is the only way you will have a vote in your countries future, not by residency. This could have been crucial in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, and even more so in any future referendum.

During the Second World War, children were evacuated; many Scottish orphanages were cleared out and their children were sent off to Australia, and Canada and not for their own safety, The Singing Ship.

In the past and not to distant past, you could sell your cramped little flat in London and buy an estate in Scotland, on the proceeds, so the differential in wealth on each side of the border contributed, to immigration into Scotland, many retired folks from England did just that, Health Service from the cradle to the grave in Scotland (not in England) hastened that migration.

When I worked on the oil rigs, the majority of those working alongside me were from England, (as well as other parts of Europe). Many have now settled in Scotland Aberdeen, and the Shetlands for instance is hotching with migrants from south of the border.

Even today we see a big influx of civil servants into Scotland, (The Scottish Office) how do they pack them all in, one wonders, (and Scottish taxpayer pick up the bill.)

Boris is talking now about ‘Levelling up’ and moving departments of government out of London and into Scotland; will they be staffed by people already living in Scotland, doubtful, at least at the management level, they will come north with the jobs. 

Now I am not saying that people should not come into Scotland to find work, or a better quality of living. But there is a big problem when it comes to demographics. Scotland has a low birth rate, an early death rate, and high migration rate. This means that we are seeing a big change in demographics from native Scots to immigrants and social migrants into Scotland they may not all share our belief in independence, more likely, if from England, will not.

On the whole immigration and migrant labour is a good thing, but when it comes to a vote on independence it defiantly is not. Vote NO to remain in the EU, would have persuaded many eastern Europeans that came to live and work in Scotland, to do just that, that, went well.

I personally do not believe in another referendum, we have a system whereby when we go to the polls and vote, we know that the party that poles the most votes will get to form the next government of the country and they will take forward the manifesto that they stood on during the run-up to the election. It stands to reason therefore if a majority of Scots vote in a general election for a party that openly campaigns, on independence,

“If we win the election and form the next government we will start negotiation “immediately” with the parties in Westminster for a velvet divorce.” 

End of story. Not wait for Boris to say you can have a referendum on independence, and when that should be, what the rules for having one will be……… We all remember the first referendum on Scotland having a devolved parliament. Everyone, including the dead, was allowed to vote against Scotland having its devolved parliament.

To my mind, Nicola Sturgeons is not only wrong, but wrong-headed, on the idea that all who are resident in Scotland should have a say in the future of the country, just because they happen to rent or have bought a house here. Citizenship should be the only automatic right to vote in any countries future. The demographics have changed dramatically in Scotland to the extent, that allowing all and sundry, to vote in a referendum on independence would be a big bear trap for the independence movement. And every year you waste changes those demographics in the ‘No’ camps favour. But then I never believed Sturgeon’s heart was ever in Scottish Independence, as for those SNP MPs cloaking in the Commons……….Well?

Stay safe.

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