Sunday, Sunday, so good to me.

Sunday morning, sitting staring out of the window and thinking, how strange a day Saturday turned out to be.

Saturday, the heavy overnight rain had cleared leaving behind an overcast sky, ice-cold wind and more rain to come. My ride was short Guardbridge and back, feeling the better for it. I spent the rest of the day with Tina, box set as audio wallpaper, whilst trying to catch up on my reading, writing my blog and copy typing from iScot, where did the day go?

Here at City Park, I can go for weeks without meeting anyone, other than the manager in the morning, and then other days I see almost every one of my neighbours. People may die of leave (for a care home) and I may not find out for some time, it is just how things are.

The other day a lad I had never seen before came into the common room and asked,

“Are you Walter?”

He wanted me to show him how he could connect his smartphone to the Wifi signal in the building. He looked much younger than anyone in here and spoke and acted in a way that made me suspect that he had suffered a stroke. When I had given him the code for the Wifi, rather than thank me, he put his hands together, and gave a slight bow, much like you might see from an Indian who practices the teachings of Buda.

Turned out that he had just moved in across the corridor from me at number 9, and no he was not recovering from a stroke, but something else that I did not pick up on, before we parted, he put out his hand to shake, I hade no hesitation in taking the hand. It felt rough and hard like a builders hands, his grip strong and sincere, I liked him immediately.   

I had gone into the kitchen to make a pot of tea, then thought, why do I not go and knock on the door at number 9 and say I was thinking of going to the café for a coffee and fruit scone, would he like to come along? However, after ringing his bell a few times I received no answer, the best-laid schemes of mice and men.  

Last night, late, I was in the common room posting a piece I had just finished, strange I find most of my ideas come just before dawn or late in the evening when everyone else is thinking of going to bed, maybe there is too much noise, (going on) during the day to daydream and be creative.

I was surprised when Charles entered the room, he greeted me, but seeing that I was busy, so he made himself comfortable in the corner with his smartphone. When he saw I had finished what I was doing, he came over and showed me a sort of video on his phone, a young black girl (well younger than Charles by a few years), her face was a thing of beauty, shinning and very black, she was wearing the kind of broad toothy and happy smile, that you will only see on a black girl’s faces, she looked gorgeous. It, therefore, came as a shock when he told me this was his wife.

“She lives in Thailand,” he said

“Will she be joining you?” I asked

“No” he replied, without adding anything, so I did not spear, he will tell me in his own good time, if he wishes, maybe when we get to know each other better for I did put out the invitation to go for a coffee together sometime, which he readily accepted.  

My deftness forbids me from watching much television not because I can not hear the sound so much, but what I can hear is so distorted it may as well be in a foreign language. For this reason, I do watch a lot of DVD, for all but the very early movies on DVDs allows me to use the sub-title button, no television moves allows you to do this.

Thinking of something to keep the conversation going without appearing to be nosy, I asked if he liked to watch moves on DVD, and how I had a fair selection of films, collected from numerous charity shops over the years, that I would be happy for him to borrow.  

“I don’t have a television,” he told me,

I gave him my little 24-inch television that has a DVD/CD slot in the side, no big deal since it has been languishing in my cupboard, since the sale of my campervan. He was overjoyed and once more used his Buda stile hand jester to thank me.

I do not know what it was about William that made me wish to take such an interest. Yes, it can be difficult, to settle into a new neighbourhood, more so in a place where most of his neighbours are women, and elderly in comparison with yourself. Was this the reason, or maybe I was simply curious, after all, William was an oddball? Certainly, I was very interested to know his wife’s story, why she can’t (or won’t) come and live with him, for it is clear to me already that he misses her dearly.

Personally, I have always believed that immigration rules should not apply when it keeps two people apart that clearly love one another and wish to spend the rest of their life in each others company, regardless of where they are from in this world, for it is really just that, one world. Someone once said your freedom only exists until it comes to face to face with mine, but surely there is room for tolerance.

It has been a strange old day and no mistake.

Stay safe.

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