Two Jabs Later

It has been a funny old start to the weekend and no mistake. It really started at twenty minutes to eight o’clock on Thursday evening when I turned up at the Health Centre in St Andrews, to find that most of my neighbours were already there, all sitting along the corridors awaiting their turn for the flu and COVID booster jab. Not a problem, we are old hands at this now.

On Friday I awoke with a bit of stiffness in my left shoulder, much like it had taken a hard punch, so all was well.

I needed milk and bread and a few other bits and pieces so would make my run short this morning and because it would be short, I put a bit of effort into it. Out to Guardbridge, climb up to Strathkinness, but by the top of the hill I was not feeling well at all, I cut the run even shorter by heading back into St Andrews and home. By the time I had covered the few miles back home, I was feeling like shit. Breakfast and a large pot of tea helped a lot, but time to rest up. I picked up my copy of iScot that had just arrived, and started to read the next thing I knew I was wakening up three hours later, still in the chair with the magazine on the floor beside me, but feeling much better.

This morning I did a bit of light housework, then the shopping, and later, if I feel up to it, I will do a bit of gardening, tidying up required.

The shortening light has triggered the Chrysanthemums into flower, not a great show yet, but I will winter the stools indoors and plant them out again in the spring, for a better show next autumn, (gardeners always the optimist) and of course take cuttings, you can not have too many Chrysanthemums in your garden.     

Keep safe.  

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