Scotland shit upon once more.

Away back in 2014 David Cameron, the then Tory Prime Minister, offered a (I believe it was one million pounds) to explore and develop carbon capture and storage, (CCS) when it looked as if Scotland was the only contender, a gas-fired Power station in the northeast of Scotland, the offer was withdrawn. Longanet Power station in Fife ran a CCS taking carbon from the flue gasses of the chimney and storing the CO2 that would have been pumped out and under the North Sea, but the scheme was scrapped when the funding ran out.

They can make the system work, but it comes at a cost and who collects the bill, certainly not the private companies, who own the power stations.

CCS is once more on the agenda, the Westminster government is talking about putting money into setting it up, so far there are three contenders for the money – two in England, one in Scotland, St Fergus Gas Terminal at St Fergus Bay, where there is already a large chemical site. And where the pipelines come ashore from the North Sea platforms, is ideal you would have to say.

This ambitious scheme to site the plant at St Fergus would cost around one billion pounds. The Scottish government does not have that kind of money, and the Westminster government will not allow them to borrow the money, no matter that it is needed and would bring with it countless jobs, some estimate as many as 200 thousand. Scotland already has the skills in the Aberdeen area, from the declining oil industry, this would bring continuity of work, to so many.

Well, Scotland, if you did not believe it before, there is no doubt now; putting St Fergus Gas Terminal on hold is an anti-Scottish political decision. (But will be resurrected if the two English sites fail a very big if.) St Fergus is up and running, it has all the connections in place (pipelines) to Grangemouth, Moss Moran, and sites in the North of England, along with all the old pipelines out to the seabed in the North Sea. St Fergus is ready to go.  Big Problem, Ferguson Bay that’s in Scotland so has been stricken from the list of potential sites.

We really need to ditch this Tory First Minister and install one that will work on Scotland’s behalf. We really do need independence and we need it now.

Depression is setting in at the news tonight of this change by the enemy of the Scott’s Boris Johnston, I will have to put on my Tina Turner ‘One Last Time in Concert’ DVD. Never fails to lift my spirits, it should be on prescription.

Stay safe

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