Like Paddie’s shirt, it will all come out in the wash.

It was much brighter on this morning run, there was an autumn coldness in the air but the winds were light and pleasant enough. I dropped down off the road and onto the cycle track, as I did so, this lass appeared on a bike, she was cutting the corner, so we were in line for a head-on collision,

“Hoy!” I yelled out and the response was instant,

“Ops!” The lass moved with all the grace and speed of a Tour de France cyclist changing direction. Her “Sorry” – trailing after her as she headed up the slight hill to the road I had just come down.

She was riding a sit up and beg bike, a knapsack sticking out of a basket, strapped onto the handlebars. Well wrapped up in everyday clothing, ready for any change, the weather might throw at her. Even without the dexterity that she showed on her stead, I would have clocked her for Dutch or possibly German. She would have grown up riding a bike, almost as soon as she could walk. Riding to school would have been as natural as breathing, from that very first school day, possibly accompanied by her mother, on her bike. No GP mums on the school run in Holland.

I see almost every day the school kids, from the Madras, pouring out of the tuck shop (the local supermarket on Market Street) or stuffing their faces with goodies from Greigs the bakers, little fat buggers, bussed to school and back, stuffing their faces with junk food, each and every day, and they wonder why the NHS is snowed under with young adults with preventable diseases such as diabetes, and respiratory problems.

I passed two other girls cycling into St Andrews, again they looked as if they were on their way to classes and three girls, two jogging one running; I wanted to call out to them, telling them that I had read somewhere that skipping 100 times is equal to jogging five miles.

“One, two, three a-Leary – I saw Wallace Beery, sitting on his bum-be-Leary eating chocolate soldiers – four, five, six a-Leary, seven eight, nine…………” Days of my childhood, where are they now?

As I returned back along the cycle track the low watery sun was full in my eyes so care was needed less I repeat the mistake of the young lass earlier.

I had noticed, however, that the girl running, in the opposite direction to me, her perfume, trailed in her wake long after she had passed. Now I know that this was not droplets, in the same way, that breath is – but you have to wonder, is two meters really a safe distance from a person breathing out coronavirus into the atmosphere?

Some time back a container ship blocked the Suez Canal and ships were held up for weeks unable to deliver their loads into Europe. I remember thinking at the time; some insurance company is going to be hit by a huge bill for this lot.

Today I read that the container port of Felixstowe has almost ground to a halt. Lack of drivers to take the container away, so ships can not unload. Many have been tied up for weeks, some are being diverted to Rotterdam and their containers transferred to smaller ships that can enter other ports in England. Secondary to this is the inability to return empty containers causing problems at the other end of the distribution chain. What a bloody mess this government has made of things. They had years to sort out these problems that were all predictable, as they negotiated Brexit, but then of course Trump was in power in America, so no problem about a trade deal with America, the UK would simply become America’s newest state. Oven read, trade deals around the world, NI sorted, Sea of Opportunity for our fishermen, Immigration sorted, Brexit – it is all so easy Boris sold the English a pup. What did we get? Prayer Meetings and Abbeys, come to mind.

Talking about Trump, The Cop in Glasgow is only weeks away and there is no real push to do much as far as I can see, as a wise young girl put it – Blah, blah, blah. As far as climate change is concerned China has pulled its finger out and is making big changes there, America on the other hand, well Biden seems out of his depth on this one. Now, much as I hate to say it, he might well be a one trip pony, and come election time in America we could well see Trump back in power, – what then for America’s contribution to Global Warming?  Like Paddie’s shirt, I may well, all come out in the wash.  

Stay safe.         

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