“Who will guard the guard?”

First thing this morning the skies over St Andrews were as black as the earl of hell’s waistcoat, the hope is that it will pass over soon.

I have been watching the young people’s climate change conference, from Italy, and can’t help feeling it is all being filtered through a media controlled by the world government’ media.

We are happy to allow the young to have their voice and their day in the sun, Oh, it is fine for the young to want to safe the world, but they have little idea of how the world’s economies work and it is us not them that must balance the books. This was the attitude of the Italian government‘s spokesperson.

I believe their thinking is wrong, and as wrong as it can be. We were taught by J. Bronowski in that brilliant series on the BBC ‘The Ascent of Man’ possibly made for the Open University. The great empires of China, Egypt, Rome and England all failed because they were static. The children were taught to do as their father had done, and their father as their grandfather had done, we have to allow our children to develop freedom of thought, and move the world forward.

I can not truthfully remember the date, but it would have been around 1976 when the remake of the film ‘A star is born’ came into the cinemas of Edinburgh. I was blown away by the music and the next day went out and bought the LP before returning to the cinema that night, and the following night and the next after that, the film had such an influence on my thinking at the time. And of course Streisand was a superstar. I believe the words of ‘Woman in the Moon’ are just as relevant today as then,

“For if we do not move – then we will never feel our chains”

Lyrics, Woman in the Moon, from the film A star is Born.

I was warned as a child of thirteen not to act too strong,

Try to look like you belong but don’t push girl,

Save your time and trouble,

Don’t misbehave.

………….Memorize your lines and move as directed,

That’s an age old story,

Everybody knows that’s a worn out song.

But you and I are changing that tune,

We’re learning new rhythms from that woman – I said that woman in the moon,

Little sister, little brother,

Keep on pushin’

Don’t believe a word about,

Things you heard about askin’

Too much too soon,

‘Cause they can hold back the tide,

But they can never hold the woman in the moon……..

‘The Woman in the Moon’ words and music by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher,

The French president Macron has instigated a commission on ‘Fake News’ – will it be about Fake News’ or control of the media and internet? This is the struggle that is going on, not only in France at this time, but we hear it from Boris Johnston, Trump and now Joe Biden.

The question I would wish to ask is, will the French government (or any other government for that matter) come under the commission’s spotlight too?

“Who will guard the guard?”

Stay safe.

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