Back to the Future.


The sticky, close weather was not conducive to sound sleep, this along with me throwing myself down the road, in such an undignified manner, in Cupar yesterday, has left me like a boxer who has just won second prize in their last contest.  I don’t think I will be going too far on a bike today.

I had a disaster with my computer, I was receiving so many pop-ups adverts and e-mails, on my machine, many in Urdu, and even in Hebrew, so in my ham-fisted attempt to clean it up I manage to delete all the e-mail addresses of friends and family. I tried to get back into Chrome or g-mail but neither would let me in, I spent hours and still no luck, seems my password is wrong and when I tried ‘Try another method’ I did see a little bell ringing on the screen but alas not on my phone, so the number they have must be my old telephone number, ho-hum. So if you have not heard from me, or I have not returned your e-mail, it is because I no have anew e-mail address, and the old one no longer works, sorry.

Today (Sunday)

Off up to Aldi first thing really needed bread and milk. After breakfast I started clearing away the old sweet pees and poppies, which had been planted in the spring, forking over the ground as I went. I found worms since the garden maintenance men could not spray their nasty chemicals all over the growing flowers, offering them a chance of a comeback. And our resident robin was quick to spot a potential meal so, following me around the garden, like a faithful dog.

I have ordered a bag of 100 daffodil bulbs to make a river of colour down this small bank at the front, a wee show as you come in the gate. With the ground newly prepared I wanted to stick in some bamboo poles, as markers to ward off anyone (but the garden maintenance staff in particular) that this area has been set aside for planted – “Keep Off” (Or I’ll get my big sister to get you.) and since I do not like bamboo sticking out of the ground without flags on top, people do get an eye pocked out when bending forward to work or admire, safety first.  I cut some birds out of odd pieces of Perspex, and stuck them in the tops of the canes, they are looking good.

So no cycling over the weekend, however it did give me a chance to follow the inguinal conference of the Alba Party, held in Glasgow. In all, 300 delegates in attendance, (a lot since they never really knew up until the last minute if it could go ahead because of the corona virus restrictions.) This was “Back to the Future” more in keeping with the SNP conference of old. Proper debate, both sides of the augment listened too, not the stage managed pantomime we have come to expect at the SNP conferences since Sturgeon and her cohort came to power. When any consent, from any of the speakers on stage was uttered, the Sturgeon fan club would shout them down – Barabbas, Barabbas. The SNP don’t do conferences anymore they do stage shows, this is not good politics.

Then on to the stage came Alex Salmond, for the leader’s closing speech, he did not disappoint. This was the old war horse at his best. A clear message, delivered with humour and with perfect timing, he had the audience (800 SNP delegates, all to a man, that had come over to Alba in the past 6 months) Alex had them eating from the palm of his hand, and crying out – more, more. They had come to gather under one banner – “Independence for Scotland” and they were not disappointed.   

“The Grand Old Duke of York, he had ten thousand men – He marched them up to the top of the hill – and he marched them down again. And he said the next line to that song is “Rule Britannia”.

The message could not be plainer.

As soon as Nicola Sturgeon, heard the date of the Alba conference announced she put on a virtual conference show, on the same day in the hope that this would draw fire away from the Alba conference. The intention was to keep Alba off the news and out of the limelight. She must have been a very disappointed lass, for not only did she see 800 Alba delegates, cheering to the rafter at the live conference, but on hearing that hundreds of thousands of people had tuned in on line to watch the Alba conference, and oh so few, even bother to listen in to what Sturgeon had to say in her keynote speech online, to her none existent audience.

The BBC and STV did there best to project her message of another independence referendum (if Boris allows, and after the pandemic, and after the road map to recovery, and after the Civil Servants have finished their work, (no numbers or time frame) but a hint that it will happen in three years time. Is it not strange that in three years time we will be in the lead up to the General Election?

Vote SNP for a strong mandate from the Scottish people demanding that Boris capitulates (stop laughing at the back there) and give her highness a section 30 order, Aye right.

One thing is for sure, the SNP will loose many, many council’s seats, they now hold, in the spring, council elections, the people of Scotland are tired of living on dreams and will vote with their feet. They will either, abstain, or possibly go back to Labour, (a perfect opportunity for Labour to regain a foothold, back in Scotland, but alas there is little sign that (Scottish) Labour will campaign on anything that will take Scotland forward, but the same old tired Westminster led policies of the Labour party, and if they do then they have learned nothing over the last two decade.)       


I was over at the dental hospital all afternoon, had a full work out to diagnosis problems I may, or not, have. This is of course all in preparation for my European trip.

It seems that one tooth (the one that has been giving me bother of late) the threads that anchor it down to the gum have been attacked by bacteria and that is why the tooth is rocking. So off I went into the deep clean chamber to have all my teeth cleaned by blasting them with high pressure water jet and they now look very, very white.

After the student finished her work it was of course checked over by the dentist proper (The young girl passed her exam, with flying colours) and it was she who filled me in on what was the cause of my woes. I had asked if it was like an abscess under the tooth and she said NO, and then went on to explain.

The problematic tooth will be looked at again – they expect it to have sorted itself out by my return appointment, if not they will ex-ray the jaw and see if there is anything amiss.  I found it all rather relaxing, (why would I not, with two pretty girls in attendance, how flattering) I have to go back to have my teeth polished. One more step on my journey down the length of the Danube.

Stay safe 

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