Another day awheel.

The cloud was down to zero in the slack air almost like a sea fog. By nine it had not lifted much but I had to get back out on my bike once more. I did an almost carbon copy of last Fridays run but somehow managed to add almost two more miles, taking me to 19.7 miles. And raised my average speed to just under 12 mph, the lay off certainly did not do me any harm.

My computer finally gave up the ghost, the battery would not charge, if its not flees it midges. So I bought another small laptop A4 size. I have been spending time this afternoon installing software for the printer and the internet and trying to remember all the passwords. Computers are like women, hard to live with and just as difficult to live without.

The planning department are busy with preparations for a sale of work and because of restrictions here at City Park, with coronavirus, they are holding it outwith City Park. They have asked me to contribute, no rest for the wicked, I haven’t even finished the wooden toys promised for Christmas. Still, like all these thing, getting off ones bum and starting is always the difficult part, and all those distractions, I have a lot of them in my life, its a disceas of old age.

Today I was thinking of a ‘thank you’ card for the girls looking after me at the dental hospital. Normally this would be biscuits or sweets, but I did not think that would be appropriates at a dental hospital. I made a cartoon character card, just a bit of fun really. where dose all the time go?

Birds of a feather flock together – my Perapex birds.

Back to our virtual ride in France

Fougeres to Vitre 19 miles and one of the fastest stretches

This you could say is a CTC run, for it is from medieval Château (castle) to medieval Château, the beautiful Château do Fougeres to the well-preserved Château de Vitre, and like most medieval castles perched high above the town.

When abroad, and people asks me,

“Are you English?” I am quick to reply,

“No Scottish”

Here in Brittany they too have that same strong sense of their independence and culture. If you asks, they will be quick to point this out to you – Brittany not French.

Today Brittany is classed as a rather poor region, of Franc. However this was not always the case, in the middle-ages Brittany had a thriving bustling economy, with a merchant fleet trading in Stain, Portugal and Northern Europe, this included here in Fife, in coal and fish. Now like London (here in the UK), all the wealth of France has gravitated into Paris, both centres, sucking their nations wealth to themselves, like some enormous black hole.

Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany all have their own language, and in many way similar in origin, all from the same Celtic roots. And it is no coincidence that the flag of Brittany just happens to be very similar to the Cornish flag too.

This being a short flat stage, you will have all the time you need to explore and take in this beautiful part of France, but best keep that bottle of wine for the campsite at night. On lazy days like this it is too easy to go native.

Stay safe.

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