It must be Thursday for I have just watched the Alex Salmond Show.

Alex guest today was none other than Lawrence B Wilkerson.

Wilkerson is a retired United States Army colonel (now Professor Wilkerson) and former chief of staff to the United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson a veteran of the war in Vietnam, (he was an OH-6A Cayuse observation helicopter pilot, logging over 1100 combat hours over a year.) Since the end of his military carer, Wilkerson has criticized many aspects of the Iraq War including his own preparation of Powell’s presentation to the UN, as well as other aspects of American policy in the Middle East.

Alex asked him about the decision to go to war in Iraq – without any ambiguity he told it as it was, Bush was coming up for a second term in office, and Colin Powell could easily have stolen his thunder, the decision to go to war was more about home politics more than foreign policy in the Middle East, it would seem, we were all taken for a ride. (what does every president want – a second term.)

About Iran – pulling out of the treaty was a big mistake.

On Afghanistan, a failed policy from the start. Had we gone in on security grounds fine, but trying to turn what was, and still is, a collection of warlords, not a state, into a democratic country, was never an achievable goal, doomed to failure from the start. Was it right to get out – yes, or we would be there for another 20 years with the same result.

What of Afghanistan now, its fate lies with its neighbours – Pakistan, Russia and China.

Has it weekend Biden – no, 55 per cent of Americans believe it was the right decision, although they disagree with the way the exit was handled.

I will be watching this programme again throughout the day – trying to take it all in. If you have not already seen this show, please, tune in later in the day, and get yourself educated, for they do it in your name.

Stay safe.

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