‘We The People’.

I have watched over the years how the tentacles of the US empire has spread across the world to its decrement. Unlike other invaders and empire building nations of the past, America attacked from within the countries it wished influence over.

In March 1951 Arbenz succeeded to the presidency of Guatemala, supported by the army and the left-wing political parties, which included the Guatemalan Communist Party.

Reform quickly followed this lead t clashes with the largest landowner in the country, the US based United Fruit Company, when he tried to expropriate idle land and raise taxes, on some of the largest landowners.

The more he pushed reform, the more concerned the US government became. Fearing over the threat to sizeable American banana investment and the US bank loans to the Guatemalan government, along with concerns that the Guatemalan government were to close to the communist bloc, they took action.

The CIA (central intelligence agency) opened its play book. First the US media painted Arbenz a friend of communists (how’s support he undoubtedly had) however, the stories told by the CIA the US media that Arbenz has close connections with the Soviet bloc, (although unsubstantiated) was enough to convince the US public that this man had to go.

Working in Honduras and El Salvador, the CIA helped to organize a counterrevolutionary army of exiles led by Col. Carlos Castillo Armas. Exaggerations of the size of the invading force panicked the capital; the Guatemalan army refused to fight for Arbenz, and he was forced to resign in June 27th 1954. Jacobo Arbenz went into exile. America was back in control – their man in office.

Around the same time another revolution was taking place in Cuba. on 26th July 1953 and the Fidel Castro and his fellow revolutionaries of the 26th July Movement took up arms against the dictatorshi of Cuban President Fulgencio Balista. On the 31 December 1958 Castro finally ousted the dictatorship and formed a new government in Cuba. This was not a bloodless revolution over 3,000 lost their lives on both sides.

The revolution had strong domestic and international repercussions, in particular it transformed the relationship between Cuba and the United States. Up until the time of the revolution Cuba had become a safe haven for American drug barons and corruption. Under Castro, its economy was turned around, he also heralded an era of Cuban medical internationalism, sending doctors around the world to war torn areas and third world countries where people had no doctor. It is worth mentioning that after the aftermath of 9/11 many firemen and policemen that suffered injury in the attack, when their medical insurance (through their ex-employer) ran out went off to Cuban where medical aid was free. Still America continued to try to oust Castro and has since the time of the revolution placed economic sanctions on the Cuban government.

In Chile over a period from September 11, 1973 and March 11, 1990 the dictatorship was established after the overthrown of the democratically-elected socialist government of Salvador Allende in the US backed coup d’état. It was widely reported at the time that the CIA was directly involved in orchestrating the carrying out the coup. The military headed by General Augusto Pinochet utilized the breakdown of democracy and the economic crisis to take control

The government was a regime of military dictatorship, it suppressed all political parties and the persecution of dissidents to the extent unprecedented in the history of Chile. Overall, the regime left over 3,000 dead or missing, tortured tens of thousands of prisoners and drove an estimated 200,000 Chileans into exile, (I knew one personally). The country moved away from lefty politics to a free-market economy on the advice of economists educated in the US universities know as the Chicago Boys. Later, in 1980 the regime replaced the Chilean Constitution of 1925 with a new constitution. This established a series of provisions that would eventually lead to the 1988 Chilean national plebiscite on October 5th 1988. The military dictatorship ended in1990 with the election of Christian Democrat candidate Patrico Aylwin, However, the military remained out of civilian control for several years after the junta itself had lost power.

Which brings us nicely to the US involvement in UK politics. A big pal of General Augusto Pinochet was the now duly elected (dictatorship) of Margaret Thatcher, she was also, a big pal of the American President Ronald Regan and together they cooked up a system that moved us off the gold standard to there open house and the free marketeers.

At the end of the Falklands war, thatcher warped herself in bunting and when to the country, and won a landslide victory, now she had the power to put her privatisation plans into practice, using every dirty trick from the CIA play book.

During the Battle of Orgreave on 18th June 1984 at the Orgreave Coking Plant near Rotherham, striking miners attempted a blockade. There was around 5,000 miners and the same number of police, it all went badly when the police on horseback charged with truncheons drawn. Although it was the police that charged the pickets without provocation, the media (including the “Impartial” BBC) showed the pickets attacking the police lines, this was the constant lies and propaganda, that were broadcast during this period.

During the strike, 11,291 people were arrested, mostly for breach of the peace or obstructing roads whilst picketing, of whom 8,392 were charged and between 150 and 200 were imprisoned. At least 9,000 mineworkers were dismissed after being arrested whilst picketing even when no charges were brought. The good old CIA play book won the day.

Magie, sold off the family silver to the hedge fund managers of London and America. Sold off the council houses, and used the new found wealth of the oil found off the coast of Scotland to fund the unemployment bill that came in the wake of all the pit, rail, and steel industries closures, along with their associated companies. Outsourcing was the new buzz word. With the big companies now in private hands or closed down, the Union’s teeth were drawn. We are still living with the consistences of Thatcherite polices.

For a while I though we would never move away from American’s grip on the world’s finances, away from their disastrous foreign policy of regime changes when governments did not toe their line, then they would put their man in their place. You can have democracy so long as it is our brand of democracy, and Just so long as the buck stops here.

Then came, 2002 Venezuelan coup d’état attempt by the US. The situation began on 9th April when a general strike was called by the trade union organization National Federation of Trade Unions. The strike was in response to Chavez’s appointment to prominent posts in Venezuela’s national oil company. Two days later in Caracas, up to one million Venezuela’s marched in opposition to Chavez. At one point during the march, opposition leaders redirected the protestors to the presidential palace, Miraflores, where government supporters and Bolivarian Circles were holding their own rally. The two sides confronted each other. Shots were fired near the Miraflores Palace and by that evening 19 people were dead.

As a response to the protests they demanded he resign, President Chavez was subsequently arrested by the military. Chavez request for asylum in Cuba was denied, and he was ordered to be tried in a Venezuelan court. On the American news programmes, that evening all were showing how it was government supporters and Bolivarian Circles were responsible for the shooting, in fact they were hunkered down trying to avoid being shot by military types overhead and the street, into which they were supposed to be shooting into the crowd was completable clear of people, CIA play book once more in action.

The Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce president Pedro Carmona was declared interim president. During the National Assembly and the Supreme Court were both dissolved and the country’s 1999 Constitution was declared void. The coup was on the verge of collapse, as Carmona’s attempts to entirely undo Chavez’s reforms, this angered much of the public and key sectors of the military.

When word leaked out that Chavez had not resigned, as was publicly claimed, Chavez supporters surrounded the presidential palace, seized the television stations and demanded his return. Carmona resined the same night. The Mirflores was taken without a shot been fired, leading to the removal of the Carmona government and the re-installation of Chavez as president.

Special police shot Kiev protesters, inquiry says, again a peaceful protest orchestrated by the CIA play book to gain power.

The internet, more than any other source of information has helped us to understand what is going on in the world. And how powerful people around the world are abusing their power for their own ends.

And the fight back has begun,

“We The People”

March for Independence – Edinburgh

Saturday 2 October 2021

1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Holyrood Park

Gathering Early – Leave 1 pm sharp

Holyrood Park, Queens Drive, Horse Wynd, Canongate, High Street, Lawn market, George IV bridge, Forrest road, Middle Meadow walk, The Meadows.

If you can not make it follow us on line.

Stay safe.

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