Sorry, all a bit political today.

It has not been a good month for me healthwise, but getting better every day now, even managed a short run on my bike yesterday. My niece’s youngest daughter is having a baby later in the year so I thought I would spend some time in my workshop making s/he a couple of wooden toys, really enjoyable and very time-consuming.

“Michael Russell

has warned Yes supporters that they are up against a deeply unscrupulous regime under Boris Johnson.” The National.

Now I have always thought of Michael Russell as a decent chap, someone I could trust, but a little too soft when he was in negotiation with the Tories over the Brexit settlement for Scotland. He was telling us, the Westminster government did hold talks with the devolved governments of the UK. Then added that they did not heed one word that was said by the devolved parliaments. Saying, they had their own agenda. Under their “Taking back control” they would cut all ties with the EU. In the end, they had to make a deal over Northern Ireland, but for Scotland, there would be no deals, you are part of England (that’s what the people of Scotland voted for in 2014).

knowing all this we still hear nothing about a road map to independence, although they tell us that the union is not working for Scotland. Instead of the word that can not be spoken aloud, (the ‘I’ word) we hear the mealy moth words “Recovery Referendum” (expect to hear a lot about it at the SNP conference) and not Independence Referendum, well we would not wish to scare the horses.

Michael (at the roadshow) was asked about the missing £600,00 (money collected from people as a fighting fund for indiref2 and as they were told at the time Ring-fenced.

“The Money is not missing,” he said.

Then why is there not an entry for £600,000 in the SNP books? Oh, I forgot it is all woven through the accounts. Find Michael, so how much does the SNP have in the bank at present, nothing like £600,000. Now I am not saying that Michael is a liar, but what I am saying is that this lack of clarity makes for mistrust in the SNP.

The Greens are trying to form a working agreement with the SNP (much as the Green party have done in the Labour government in New Zealand) the attraction for Nicola Sturgeon, she will have a working majority at Holyrood, but what will she have to give up in return for their co-operation? Nicola is no one who will want to share a stage with anyone. And although Green may be in vogue and the colour of the month at this time, will this really appeal to the Yes moment, more soft politics.

It was a valiant effort Michael, your Referendum for Recovery speech, but we are well past that stage now. We want a roadmap to independence, we want Civil Servants working day and night, to bring that about, for we know that is the only path out of Covic recovery for Scotland.

You have to wonder when the SNP are going to stop telling us that “Now is not the time for an independence referendum” and start to tell us “Independence was never a good idea?”

And as a footnote, Yes L McGregor, Falkirk. The National.  I do hope that Alba supports the resolution of getting rid of the monarchy. I would support their idea for a republic. Then when we are an independent nation once more, we tell Boris to move the nuclear submarines from the Clyde (like yesterday) and whilst you are at it the ones parked up at Rosyth. And also tell the British and Americans, that we intend to follow much closer in the footsteps of our European neighbours and say loud and clear.

“We will only fight in the protection of our lands and not as cannon fodder for America’s failed foreign policies”. Or as Rodger Whittaker, put it.

“I don’t believe in ‘IT’ anymore.” and if you had this album in your collection then it is later than you think.

Bairns not Bombs.

Stay safe.

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