The World Needs Bugs.

 The rain has come at last to St Andrews, and the garden is looking the better for it. Sadly most of the flowers have passed, they did not last long in the prolonged heat and rainless days of summer, next year, maybe, will be better.

No ground feeding birds come to our garden now that the grass cutting contractors are back, they have managed to remove all the mulish, I carted and spread, with their leaf blower and although they say they are only spraying the edges of the grass with weedkiller, the wind carries it over the whole garden. I intend to take photographs next time they come into the garden and send them to the landlord along with a letter, singing the praises of insects in our gardens, and the damage that these people are doing to the garden with chemicals and leaf blowers.

Time for them is money, I understand that, but they should not have taken on the contract if they can not look after the garden without spying everything with weedkiller, to save them edging the grass or hoeing around the plants.

The big boy’s toys such as leaf blowers, an endless supply of insecticides, and herbicides, on the market today, is killing off all the insects in gardens around the UK, soon there will be no safe haven for insects and bees. Insects and bees have been pollinating our food for millions of years, and they are pretty good at it. It is time governments woke up to the fact that if you kill off insects it spreads all the way up the food chain, birds, animals and yes humans too, will suffer, in the long run.

What a week I have had. Laid low with toothache last weekend, which managed to pull me right down, so it was a week of fasting, catnapping, reading, and more sleeping. I did not feel like food at all but I was suffering from taking tablets on an empty stomach, so had to start eating, mashed potatoes and porridge, with lots of milk poured over it. Today Friday I am much better, still weak but taking solids, I was getting withdrawal symptoms for toast, but still have no real appetite for food.

Have managed to read a bit more into Mary Queen of Scots (Antonia Fraser) finding it fascinating, those Scottish lords made her life hell from the day she set foot in Scotland. She tried to bend over backsword to accommodate them, but they wanted to rule the roost and she would do as she was told or….. I am now at the point where Darnley is sick in Glasgow (suffering from Syphilis) and Mary sets out to bring him back to Edinburgh. Darnley was a bit of a loose cannon, and Mary was afraid he would try to make her son illegitimate. Then the rumour that he would abduct the baby, have him crowned and use him to rule Scotland. Mary rightly wanted him where she could keep tabs on him, ‘Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, however, he seemed to come willingly back with her to Edinburgh.

Darnley was a bad choice as a husband for Mary, all advised her against it, even her Marries. He had been on the list of possible but well down the list, Antonia puts it down to Mary falling head over heels in love with him when he first became ill, (said to be smallpox, but now it is believed even then he was suffering from syphilis.) Mary nursed him back to health and from that day forward her ears were closed to anything said against him, there was not a telling in the lass, as dad would have said.

Darnley is now installed at St Mary, Kirk o’Field, and the end is near for him. Nothing remains of Kirk o’Field it is now under the University buildings. There was a trial and it also came up at Mary’s trial in London, but the statements that were given were so wildly conflicting, it was impossible then and even more so now to find a lead, far less a smocking gun.

The youngest daughter of my niece is having a baby, and since I have been, more or less, stuck in the house, I thought I would build her something as a birthday (or is it arrival) gift. A sit-in rocking horse would work, keep s/he amused for hours, even for years, better make it strong then.

I did not have enough wood in my scrap box to make much progress, but did manage some of the highlight parts that give it more of a three dimensional look. Yes, I know it doesn’t look like much but there was a fair bit of work in this little bundle.

It’s a start.

I hope the baby dosn’t come too soon.

Stay safe.

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