What Scottish NHS?

 I have had one hell of a weekend, a rocking tooth has kept me awake and fasting all weekend. I went on the internet to find a dentist in St Andrews, the one up at the clinic said they take NHS patients and charge £7.50 per extraction. By this time I did not care how much it cost I needed dental treatment.

I walked the mile or so up to the clinic and no they only take patients who are registered with them. How do I register? Sorry, we are not taking any more on the register. Try ‘Smiles’ on South Street.

At smiles, no we only take people who are registers with us. But you can call this number – Dental Advice Line 01592 226 555

Back home and I phoned the number, sorry this number is unavailable, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Back on the internet – NHS emergency dentists, call 111. (this is not an advice service it is a way for the NHS to keep you hanging on the line until you die of old age.)

I called 111 and was put in a queue, played silly music, interrupted by an electronic voice that told me

“We are sorry to keep you waiting all our service operators are busy – please stay on the line and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We know you have been waiting 10-20- 30- 40- 45 minutes but please stay on the line or you will lose your place in the queue.”

45 minutes later the lad came on the phone and told me to phone the Dental Advice Line on 01592 226 555 – despite me telling him I had already done so and that line is no longer operating he insisted I call that number. Then hung up.

We have no effective NHS service in Scotland any more, the only way to beat the system is to have a heart attack, otherwise suffer in silence.

Keep safe.    

2 thoughts on “What Scottish NHS?

  1. How horrible for you. I hope you’ve found someone to sort it. Please don’t self extract! Only time I had a dental emergency about 6 years back have to say I got the emergency dentist for stopgap treatment right away.


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