Part Two.

 Over the weekend it was a case of holding out until Monday when I could find a dentist to give me some antibiotics to settle my wobbly tooth, or extract the tooth altogether, although I was loathed to lose another tooth. Alas, there would be no dentist forthcoming.

The home cure was all that was left for me. I had heard of oil of cloves, but there did not seem to be any for sale locally. However, if it was an abscess under the tooth then it would take time to settle. Up until now, I had been taking Paracetamol to try and deaden the pain, but they were not cutting the mustard and I was starting to get stomach problems with all the tablets I was taking on top of an empty stomach, and I was still not sleeping well, if at all.

I went off to Superdrug, and rather than Paracetamol chose Neuofen, I also bought a large bottle of mouth wash with alcohol. Hoping the wash would clean the wound if sloshed around the mouth for a time, and the Neuofen would kill the pain. It worked and I was able to get a good few hours of sleep, magic.

I could not drink hot tea but found cold milk straight from the fridge fine, but I would really have to start eating, so I put on a pot of potatoes, mashed with butter and a little milk, turning them into a cream, I had no problem eating them and felt better with something in my stomach.

I can not see the NHS lasting another decade in this country, oh the name will still be there but Boris will have no problem introducing creeping privatisation. Today, I for one would have been happy to pay for dental treatment, whatever it cost. And if I ever need a hip or knee replacement, in the future would I care whether it was some private company that replaced it or would I rather wait for a couple of years for the NHS to do the job, no contest. The state that NHS Scotland is in today, will make privatisation an easy sell.  

Keep safe.    

One thought on “Part Two.

  1. I have since found out that there is a dental hospital in Dundee so may try there, but from what I can gather this is a problem throughout the NHS in all four nations, although in NI you can skip over the border – even if you do have to pay for the treatment.

    I sat up until after midnight watching first Beaches, Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, (99p chest heart & stroke Scotland) award-winning performances by both. Bette Midler we all know as a singer but what you do not expect is that Barbara Hershey has a good voice too. She sings little in the movie but when you hear them sing together their voices blend in perfect harmony.

    Then came Autumn in New York, Richard Gere (I have a nephew that looks just like him) and Winona Ryder (99p same store). By now it was into the early hours and the paper tissues were all but gone, (poetic licence). However, the distraction had worked and I was feeling much better. A couple of Nurofen and a quick slosh of mouthwash and into bed.

    When I woke I felt sweaty, but really comfortable and so did not wish to break the spell by leaping out of bed, it was after 10 am when I finally emerged. This was followed by a long, hot shower, now time for that long-awaited pot of tea. I still feel a little fragile, but can not wait to get out on my bike again, and back in the old routine.


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