Rain stops play.

Now, normally time spent in my workshop is curtailed in summer when outdoor persecutes take over. However today the weather is making a good impression of a dreich winters day.

I think I first became interested in drawing through an art programme on children’s television, the artist would do some simple but clever line drawing and there was also this plasticine character called Morph, I just loved the simplicity of it all. Today my Morph like sculpture started off with me scribbling away on a piece of scrap wood, then onto the band saw to make a rough model in wood. Happy with that, I used a piece of Perspex and scroll saw, hey presto,

Still needs a bit of work

Now more Stour collectors for my windowsill.

 The Great Train Robbery.

Do you remember a time when the Scottish government, under the SNP, were going to allow biding by local authorities for the rail franchise in Scotland, when they came up for renewal? Scottish Labour and the rail unions were cock a hoot, the start of renationalisation of the rail network in Scotland.

Scotland’s fate was sealed the day Brexit happened and The Scottish government did nothing in response. Oh, Blackford did a lot of shouting in the Commons and Oor Nicol screamed about Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will. But no independence referendum. Like, frighten rabbits caught in the headlight they just sat there and hoped the car crash that was Brexit would somehow miss them altogether.

The inshore fisherman were the first to suffer from a loss of their only market, the EU. Still no alarm bells, certainly not indiref2. Now the white fish market is suffering, why even the bold skipper Buchan, who could not wait to get out of the EU and take Boris up on his offer of a ‘Sea of Opportunity’ is now having to sit in the Irish sea a ‘Guard Boat’, to a company installing wind turbines, why catch fish, if you have no market for them. Maybe he would be better off registering his boat in Ireland and back in the EU?

Boris and his wee gang of Brexiteers are now signed up to a new trade deal with Australia and New Zealand, there will be no import charges for Australian and New Zealand produce (like lamb) coming into the UK.

With no EU market for their product and cheap imports into the UK from abroad, where will the Scottish hill farmers sell their Top Quality meat now? Then will come the killer blow, the removal of subsidies to farmers. We had the fine words for Boris, that the government will keep subsidies going even after Brexit. Do you believe Boris? The Tories, just as they did under Maggie Thatcher, will close down the Scottish hill farms,

“The taxpayer can not go on subsidising uneconomical industries” she told the Commons.

And the pits, the heavy industry, along with the shipbuilding, the steel making plants all closed, and the end of a working life for many who worked in those industries, certainly anyone over the age of 50. Years of short term policies and lack of proper investment and programmes of modernisation had left British industry uneconomic, and on its knees – outsourcing was the new buzzword. Privatization lost the joined-up links between railways, pits and heavy industry such as steel and the separation of the grid from power stations was the final straw. Scotland was sold down the river to the highest bidder, and the job centres filled up.

I watch in disbelieve as history repeats itself. Now we have Universal Credits, and food banks the new growth industry. Whilst G4S run our prison services, Spain and the Netherlands run our trains, the big four have cut up the energy market between them, well you know the rest.

When you are 55 years old,

And you’re looking for some work,

Nobody wants to know your name.

No one gives you a start,

So I watched him growing older and more bitter every day,

As his pride and self-respect was slowly stripped away,

There was nothing I could say,

They had no use for him.

What hurts most, is, seeing all of this the people of Scotland still refused to stand up and be counted when they went to the polls on the 6th of May. Both Votes SNP, aye right.

Keep safe.

2 thoughts on “ Rain stops play.

  1. Hi Walter I used to enjoy vision on. I thought Tony Heart wzs a very clever man. He could make art out of nothing really. Take care Brenda

    On Sat, 22 May 2021, 5:27 am The Grand Tour: Fife and Beyond, wrote:

    > threewheelsonmywaggon posted: ” Now, normally time spent in my workshop is > curtailed in summer when outdoor persecutes take over. However today the > weather is making a good impression of a dreich winters day. I think I > first became interested in drawing through an art programme on c” >


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