The best cure for insomnia known to man.

 We had our fair share of rain last night and there is a dankness still hanging around the toon. But the cloud is high so I should be able to put in a couple of hours cycling without having to dig out my rain cape.

Don’t whatever you do turn on the news today, you will only become more depressed than you already are. The new variant of coronavirus is cutting a swath throughout the country, just as the pubs are opening up for business once more. The two question on everyone’s lips

Can vaccinations be rolled out quickly enough around the world to make us all (relatively) safe once more?

And will Boris allow bodies to pile up in the streets before he orders another lockdown?

I actually do believe it is the sort of daft thing that Boris would say, an off the cuff remark, one of his throwaway lines, a bit like dying in a ditch, or sitting in front of bulldozers, that is all it was, a silly quip. The problem I have with this is, hard to believe I know, but Boris is running our country.

As soon as I heard another expert being introduced to give his pennyworth on coronavirus, I quickly clicked onto channel 11 – Sky Art. What a treat a re-run of Celtic Women: songs from the heart, the Powerscourt House and gardens in Ireland.

We have such a wealth of musical and dance talent in our countries, why O’ why are we watching such rubbish on our televisions day after day. Celebrity game shows, celebrity quiz shows, celebrity annalists singing their same old songs. As for afternoon television – this is the best cure for insomnia known to man.

Have to go places to go, people to see.

Keep safe.

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