Acting my age and not my shoe size.

Sunday and it is a beautiful day once more, soft, light and warmish winds from the north, better make hay whilst the sun shines. There was a few students out on the cycle path jogging and the odd cyclist all going fast and on light road bikes, seemed like a group, but strung out. At Guardbridge I headed into Leuchars then St Michaels, just out past the junction I turned left crossed over the A93 which is the main road from Dundee to Glenrothes. Then back onto my unclassified road that takes you into Links Wood then onto the B946 just outside Wormit, a very pleasant road to ride.

Wormit was where I would buy my beehives back in the day, not sure if the little factory is still there. When I lived down in the borders I ran half a dozen hives, all Smith hives – well you would when the great man himself lived just outside Peebles, on the road to Innerleithen. It was an interesting hobby, and beekeepers are a close-knit family, keen to help with advice and the Heather Picnic (When the hives were taken to the heather in the autumn) were always a welcoming time. When I moved back to Dunfermline, my hives came with me, but by this time oilseed rape had found its way into Scotland, a whole new ball game, so I sold up.

From here I dropped down into Newport-on-Tay. Once a bustling little town it is now a backwater since the coming of the road bridge over the Tay. I remember waiting on the slip perched up on the back dad’s motorcycle waiting our turn to board the ferry over to Dundee, a big deal for a small boy.

From the middle of the town, I turned up the hill for the roundabout on the A95 and set off down the A914 back into Leuchars and home. After my problems at the end of last week, I did remember to cycle to my age and not my shoe size and enjoyed my day. Yes, I did remember a full bottle of water and banana stuffed in my rear pocket, that was more mush than banana by the time I got around to eating it. The problem is that once you get a bike up to speed it takes on a life of its own, called momentum. You are encouraged to keep that momentum going, uphill and down dale for it is so exhilarating, riding in this manner. Sometimes I just get carried away.

Langsam, langsam – Bitte, she cried.

Keep safe.

2 thoughts on “Acting my age and not my shoe size.

  1. Most flower and heather honey is a liquid – rapeseed the honey solidifies and you have to heat the comb in a special heater to extract it, and once in the jars and it cools it will return to a solid. To my mind it does not have the same taste either of real honey – try some heather honey then some rapeseed honey – you will see what I mean.


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