Stupid Is What Stupid Does.

It is all over bar the shouting. The Tories got a grubbing in the Scottish elections. The Liberal Democrats threw their party under a bus to keep the Tories in power in Aberdeenshire. The Tories held their nose and voted Labour to keep the SNP out and Jacky Bailey (Labour) in her seat at Holyrood. Labour voted Tory in the borders to keep the SNP out.

Now what was it Nicola Sturgeon said when she heard that Alba had been formed only week before the election? Oh yes!

“I will not cheat or try to game the system to win” Good one Nicola, Are you really that scared of your position?

Stupidity is when you keep making the same mistakes over and over again hoping for a different outcome.

The SNP collected slightly over 1 million list votes in Thursday’s election, which nevertheless elected just two list MSPs because SNP voters care about power for the SNP rather than about independence, and chose to let dozens of Unionist MSPs get seats rather than other pro-indy parties. Hell, mend them, when Boris is through with them.

Keep safe.

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