The sun brought them out like Livingston Daisies.

 Today the weather has been the best it has been for a while. After my morning bike ride, which was hard work not having been out for a day or two, the old adage personified

“If you don’t use it you lose it”.

A message popped up on my screen from Elie Weather, hard frost expected tonight, just when we thought it was safe to come out and play, and me thinking

“If the weather is nice over the weekend I can do some planting out in the garden”

The weather forecast for the week ahead had put the Kibosh on any thoughts in that direction, then again it is the Easter Holiday after all.

I did however move the scraggly plants from the raised bed at the rear entrance, which is really the one used the most since it backs onto the car park. They are now ready for the Chrysanthemums. I thought the reason the plants in the raised bed were not doing well, was because no one bothered to water them during a dry spell, Turned out when I removed them the soil was only about four inches deep. When the raised beds were built (made in brick) the builders had simply used them as a depository for all their cutting of flagstone. Then on went a shallow covering of soil, thank goodness we have big refuge bins. The beds are now ready for the mums, dome-shaped and in different colours, should look good when in bloom.

The sun had brought the residents out, like Livingston Daisies, the newly painted seats were being well used and in the perfect position to keep an eye on Walter.

Don’t you find that no matter what you are doing there is always plenty of advice to hand, and all free, sadly, mostly that is all it is worth, sweet fanny Adams.

It was after three by the time I had finished gardening anyway my belly was grumbling. lunch/tea over I headed into the workshop to put the finishing touches on the flag poles and signs. The to (iScot) signs will be bolted to each side of my trailer.

And the tall Alba Party sign will be tied to the trailer cage, along with the flags.

These along with my 12V battery-powered DVD/CD player blasting out music should draw in the crowd (social distancing of course).

If all goes well, and the Alba Party, succeeds in its endeavours, in the forthcoming election, and there is every sign that it will, it should fire the starting gun for a second referendum on independence. I will think about a proper setup for a street stall then. Coronavirus has made it difficult to team up with like-minded people, still, we travel hopefully.

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