Sorry, all about Scotland and politics, today.

 A snapshot of the UK to the EU trade in food and drink shows some worrying stats. Exports fell in January 2021, driven by a fall in sales to the EU of 75.5 % compared to January 2020, a drop of nearly £0.75 Billion. Other factors do come into play, such as stockpiling by the UK prior to COVID and ahead of the transition period. However much is due to new non-tariff barriers faced by the UK exporting collapsing and shut out of many SME exports. The UK food and drinks exports,

All food and drinks – January 2020 – £1.7 billion, January 2021 – £824.9 million, a change of -51.1%.

EU January 2020 – £1.0 billion, January 2021 £256.4 a change of -75.5%

Non-EU January 2020 – £639.9 million, January 2021 £568.5 a change of -11.1%

This is the result of Brexit and the “smooth transition” so freely spouted by Boris, what happened to the huge opportunity and how we had nothing to fear from leaving the Single Market?

Take the trouble to look into these figures that have just been published you will find that the top ten products that we exported to the EU

Whisky – a drop of £63.1%

Cheese – a drop of 85.1%

Chocolate – a drop of 65.4%

Beef – a drop of 91.5%

Animal feed – a drop of 6.8%

Lamb and Mutton – a drop of 45.1%

Salmon – a drop of 98%

Pork – a drop of 86.9%

Fish – a drop of 79.1%

Breakfast cereals – a drop of 74.4%

I’m sure you will have noticed the enormous contribution Scotland make to the UK exports figures. Almost all of this list has a big impact on the Scottish economy, beef, lamb, fish, porridge oats and Salmon all will be products leading the economy of Scotland.

Yes Corvid does have a hand to play, but we should not be hoodwinked, these figures are in stark contrast with Ireland’s economy that has grown by, between one and two per cent over 2020. Oh I’m sure we heard a lot of fine words from the five puppets on the BBC yesterday but did anyone really have an answer to how we escape the dead hand of Westminster, whose polices will ruin many business owners and many thousands of jobs in the very near future, Madness.

I could have written screeds about these figures, but really they speak for themselves, urgent action is required from our MSP not more promises (vote for me and I promise, you not only the moon but the stars too, anything to stay in power, and none of it within their gift to give) promises for a future that will never come.

Yesterday we had five leaders of the parliament in Holyrood on the BBC answering the questions the BBC had chosen for them, and the answers just as predictable, questions that we could have heard any day of the week from these trained puppets. Leaders debate, Aye Right.

Let’s stop living on dreams, let’s stop kicking the can down the road until it eventually hits the wall, and the game ends, with Scotland the looser. End this now, vote SNP 1 on the constituency paper, and Alba Party on the list vote.

In 2016 election, if all the people that voted SNP had voted for SNP 1 and Alba on the list vote, there would have been 24 more pro-independent SNP in the parliament at Holyrood. Better still there would have been 24 fewer Unionists MSP. And don’t forget if you take out the unionist MSP you also take out their office, their staff, their voice, and their vote. You weaken the opposition and at the same time strengthen the cause for interdependence.

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