Coming To A Town Near You.

 Sorry, I have been neglecting my blog over the last week. But you see we are having elections to the Scottish parliament in Holyrood on the 6th May 2021, and I’m sure there are many bloggers out there that are much more into the ins and outs of Scottish politics than I.

I, for the first time in my life had decided not to vote this year, even if everyone in Scotland voted for Nicola Sturgeon, there was little hope of another referendum on independence under her leadership.

Independence is,





Unknown to us, beavering away clandestinely in the background, the Alby Party was putting the finishing touches to the scheme to stand only in the List Vote in Scotland, to give a huge Pro-independence boost to the Holyrood parliament.

This of course has thrown a grenade, into the system, and has not gone down well in the unionist quarter, (and of course, has had little coverage in the national press or television news programmes), for it means there will be fewer limpet MSP in the parliament, people that have never been voted in by the people of Scotland to any office, but are thereby the grace of the list vote.

I can not understand Oor Nicola, acting a bit like a petulant child over the Alba party, maybe it is her Ego that is suffering and not that of Alex Salmond. This is good news for the future of Scotland’s – independence, now closer than it has ever been since 2014. I can not wait to become a European citizen once more. You see every unionist party MSP you knock out of the ring, you at the same time demolish their base, their office, their staff, and their voice. This will weaken the opposition and strengthen our cause for self-determination. All Good.

I am really pumped about the events of the last week, last Friday’s launch of the Alba Party has shaken the grassroots independent supporters out of their slumber, and it is palpable.

I intend to start my ‘Road Show for the Alba Part on Easter Weekend. Taking my tricycle and trailer around the towns of North East Fife, (and possibly Dundee) over the run-up to the 6th May. It has all been a bit of a rush, but I hope to play music, (not Scottish traditional music) Tina Turner, Blondie, (love parallel Lines), Eva Cassidy, Suzi Quatro, and the evergreen ABBA. As Muddy Waters would have put it “The joint is jumping”.

All this has taken time and the main reason I have been neglecting my blog, I do not intend to turn this into a political blog, (too late) but hope to tell you a bit about my journey around Fife, lots of pictures and hopefully lots of sunshine – other than the sunshine that is now shined from the hearts of the pro-independence supporters at this great opportunity to further the cause of Self-determination for Scotland.

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