Never Get Out Of The Boat.

 Today (Saturday) was a bit special, I was up early and by habit switched on the television before making my way into the kitchen and put on the kettle. On my return the opera La Traviata was showing on Sly Art. This time it was a departure form the La Traviata were have come to expect, it was a modern adaptation from the Festspielhaus in Baden, Baden, Germany. What a delight, but why at 6 am on a Saturday morning, 7 or 8 pm in the evening would be a much better time to screen an opera.

8-30 am, I went off into town for the morning paper. It was a cutting, cold wind that greeted me along Market Street. The streets were busy with young students, no social distancing in evidence and only the warring of masks when in shops, will people ever get the message.

Home breakfast and a quick flick through the paper, don’t no why I bothered, nothing new to read in the papers. Time to tackle the roses, they were possibly planted at the time the building was built and a hatchet job of pruning, carried out each time they started to look a bit scruffy. Then again they are contract gardeners, and as such you will only get what you pay for. I spent some time doing my best, cutting back all the old dead wood, and trying to reinvigorate what remained, time will tell if I was successful in my endeavours.

Late morning and the wind had disappeared and the sun felt really hot on my back, time to get the bike out. I did a circuit of the Neuk of Fife. The A 917 to Kingsbarns and Crail the North Sea was very placed. From Crail a run along the estuary of the Forth, this is a wonderful run all the way into Anstruther. I stopped for a while down at the harbour, before taking the road (the B9131) once more, for home.

Out of the shower and with my bum firmly planted in the fireside chair the tiredness hit me, it had already been a long day. Still, afternoon television, there must be a film on this afternoon that I can sleep through.

It has been a good day, and free from all the troubles of the world, at least for a while.

Sunday arrived, bright and early, I had sat up till the early hours watching Apocalypses Now, “Don’t get out of the boat, too right”. This is possibly one of the best, modern anti-war films ever made, and far to close to reality for most Americans.

No sunshine today but a nice enough day all the same. Guardbridge, Tay Post, Newport Wormit St Michaels, Leuchars and home. It was an easy leisurely ride on almost empty roads, most enjoyable.

On my return, I made a meal of making dinner, today could not be rushed, it was the first day of spring, or was it the last day of winter? In America, they call it the day of the slow moon.

Planted the Sweet Pea seeds that had been socking overnight, what on earth will I do with 50 sweet pea plants that grow to 8 feet tall, I may have to build a goalpost and sting it like a tent for them to climb up. The original idea was for them to grow up a dead hedge but there will be too many for that. We’ll think of something.

It had been another good day, and in the twilight years, each one a precious gift.

Keep well.  

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