Eat, Sleep and Pray.

This was the title given to a film about a girl who turned her life around. Coronavirus has done much the same for many, in a way we have all had to change, look at ourselves in the mirror and reflect on our past lives, sometimes that change forced upon us, will have been for the better, it has given people the chance to pause and examine.

“Is this who I want to be?”

When I was my mothers carer, I was restricted to where I could go and when. during that time I joined an allotment club. The club was a group of like minded folks that came together and rented a field from a local farmer then split the field into plots. It worked well, we shared knowledge, thinning’s, loads of manure, and good conversation and community, and taking turns in the shop that sold surplas produce.

I would take mum up to the allotment from time to time. Mum loved the company, spent her time chatting to other members, there was always someone to blether to since mostly were retired and if she keept them back from their work, I do not thing they minded that much. When there was no one about, well, she simply pointed out all the jobs that I needed to do, and pointed to the weeds that needed rooted out, to me with her walking cane.

Now would it not be great if governments worked together in the same way?

You can not live in Scotland and be unaware of the stooshie that is Sturgeon V Salmond. It has spilt out into the wider community and now threatens to bring the SNP to its knees. There was a time when the SNP was seen as above all the corruption that is everyday politics at Westminster, people trusted the Scottish government and especially the SNP as being a party of truth and justness. Now we see the SNP party split into two camps, and deep phishers within the party have resulted in a (for a better word) coup, where party leaders have tried to grab control from the party membership. No voice of dissent will be tolerated at any cost.

It is all very troubling for the grass root, that saw the SNP as their ticket to ride the Independence train, now many are disheartened and disillusioned, alarm and dispondancy has spread within the voters, by what they are seeing.

I do believe the voters in Scotland will give the SNP one final chance in the up and coming Holyrood election (it would help if Nicola said now that she will not stand for re-election as First Minister in the new parliament) failing to deliver on independence and the grassroots of the party will vote with there feet, many may even be thiking of that already.

There is a lighter side to all this, and I had to laugh at Stuart Campbells post on 24th February 2021.

Hands up all you that have indulged in corruption.

Well, obviously you.

Okay, now smirk if you think you’re going to get away with it.

Yes, it would be funny it it were not happening this close to the Holyrood elections. as for those above, ‘The truth will find you out’, we will see.

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