Wet and Windy.

Yesterday again the weather was conducive to cycling so I did a wee run out, to keep the pedals turning, well, a girl would never wish to lose her hourglass looks, or me my beer bottle figure.

On my return I swapped my cycling shoes for my pit-bits (pit boots) gathered up my graith (gardening tools) and headed out once more for the garden.

As we leave the common room by the French windows, on each side of the outside steps are some very overcrowded plants that no one seems to have a name for,

“But they are awful bonnie when they’re out”.

The task today was to divide them up into manageable clumps and spread them at random around the rest of the garden. Nay a problem to super-gardener.

Two hours on, and with sweat sticking to me, the plants were divided, well, at least to one side of the door and transferred to the front of the building.

The other side, well that can wait for another day, when the good Lord made time, he made plenty of it”.

The weather forecast for today was not good, but it was still early morning, the wind was light and the imminent rain had not arrived, an opportunity of an hour on the bike.

Out to Strathkinness dropped down to the bridge over the Eden and climb up to the village of Dairsie, then right, onto the A91 for home, the wind had picked up and then it rained relentlessly, the wind was not the best a broad-reach, so by the time I arrived home I looked like a waterlogged cat. Still, if this is the weather for the remainder of the week, well worth the effort.     

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