Jersey Lilies

 First thing Sunday morning, I put on my Adam the gardener hat, I had promised to lift the clump of Jersey Lilies. Planted years ago, now as the garden had developed, in totally the wrong place, out of sight and forgotten.

I pressed the bicycle trailer into service,

and set about digging up the plant, surprisingly it was not deep-rooted and lifted without much trouble. It was too big and heavy to lift in one go so I split it in situ, then loaded it into the trailer. Fully loaded it was off to the border at the front of the building for replanting.

Now spaced out along the wall outside each of the flat’s living room windows. Lilly will be appreciated by all now come summer, and Lilly makes an appearance in her glorious new dress.    

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.

Keep safe.

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