News Flash, News Flash, News Flash.

 I want you to forget all you have heard from waffling politicians, from so-called experts being interviewed on the BBC and Sky about the coronavirus. All the rubbish about how soon we can come out of lockdown and lead a normal life once more. Forget it all, just tune into the Alex Salmond Show at 6.30 this afternoon on RT and listen to Dr. Hugh Montgomery, in only 30 minutes you will find out, how coronavirus originated, how it got into humans, why we were caught on the hop, (it is not like flu or any of the other viruses that have come and gone), and is there a cure?

Towards the end of his time, he told us that post coronavirus will have to be different from where we were before coronavirus, spend much more on welfare, tackling the big problems caused by being overweight, poverty, poor housing, cramming hundreds of people onto planes and flying them around the world. It would seem that we are our own worst enemy, we have to change.

Sharing experiences on social media has helped doctors understanding symptoms and he said anyone who is suffering the long term effects of having coronavirus, deserves your sympathy, it is a real illness.

I advise you all to listen in to this programme and learn about coronavirus, without all the media hype, the waffle of politicians, who have a foot in two camps, and to the media I say, stop speculating about when we come out of lockdown and start educing people to the real problems we face from this virus. Stop being a mouthpiece for the government and start being a mouthpiece for the people.         

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