The Andrew Neil Interview.

No matter what you think of Andrew Neil, he is good at his job,

And if you are being interviewed by Neil (and his team of researchers) you better know your stuff, if you have any weakness Andrew Neil will exploit such weaknesses to the full, and use them against you. This was the case when Andrew Wilson was in the hot seat. As Matthew Wilson (ISP member) describes in a well-crafted piece in the i Scot magazine this month.

“Wilson’s defence of contradicting policies was a rotten wooden door and all Neil had to do was keep kicking before it collapsed”.

What was he talking about? Well, ‘The currency that Scotland intends to use after independence’ Andrew Wilson stuck to, and tried to defend the SNP’s line that they would use the pound in the interim until such times as Scotland set up its own currency.

Andrew Neil pounced, if you use the (English) pound then you can not join the EU after independent, which is true.

Going into this years elections saying vote for us, we promise you a referendum on Independence “inside the EU”. All this in the hope of scooping up disillusioned ‘no voters’ last time around, who wanted to remain in the EU.

This will be catastrophic for our chances of a majority vote for independence, unless of course, you can persuade people like Andrew Neil to sit this one out.

Just a thought Joanna (Cherry) the ISP could do with some really big hitters, why don’t you stand in North East Fife under the ISP banner in May, the only competition you will face, Wee Wullie Rennie, no contest, there. I for one would like to see you in the Holyrood parliament holding the SNP to promises made then kicked down the road, and you may like to sort out the (laughingly called) Alex Salmond inquiry, which is no inquiry at all, since it is not allowed to see crucial evidence, so a white wash, to save the arse of Nicola Sturgeon and her inner sanctum.

Matthew 23:26

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and every kind of impurity.…

I had an e-mail yesterday informing me that my nephew had died in a car accident.

It is difficult, I feel my brothers pain, but I have no words to ease that pain, time is the only healer they tell us, but that only dulls such pain, his pain will lasts a lifetime.


It is still dark outside my window, yet it is after 8 am, the skies are laden and resting on top of rooftops that are themselves covered with a purring of snow, likewise the garden. I went out into the garden and patio to replenish the bird feeders and the wind although strong was, surprisingly not all that cold, or at least not as cold as I had expected it to be.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke.

I look around the world today and think of how true his words were then, as they are today. We as a species appear to be so selfish and self-centred that we are happy to see the world ‘self destruct’ so long as our end is served.

Wild fires rage, flooding on a scale never seen before, and I even read a report, the other day, that we could seen drought is Scotland this year, and it’s not even the first of April. What I find most worrying about all of this, is the platitudes that pours from world leaders.

Wars and famine go on in the background like media wallpaper, madmen straddle the world, free to rape and pillaging with impunity. Refugees in constant plight, seeking shelter, food and some respite from such evil men, and constant proxy wars perpetrated by the west as bad foreign policy, yet hardly command a column inch of ink or a by-line in the media. We prefer to put out blind eye to the telescope and pull up the drawbridge at the fist sign or a boat carrying a refugee to our shores.

Has the UN simply become just another. (very expensive) paper tiger, a talking shop, much like its predecessor The League of Nations, in its time. Where are the white helmeted warriors, that once would keep the peace around the world?

Never at anytime in the history of humanity have we amassed such armed forces around the world, we are told they are for our DEFENCE.

Maybe it is time for them to start defending us from, Mad warlords, from the ever-growing plastic pollution in our seas, I’m sure there is enough naval ships around the world to get the job done at sea, and enough boots on the ground to clean up the shores.

We see wild fires in Australia and America raging out of control, and watch on our televisions screens as exhausted fire fighters struggle in their task to contain the fires, why are they reluctant to send in the armed forces to defend their lands from such fires and floods. And rather than gas-guzzling army trucks, spend the money at home on hydrogen and electric powered transport.

Is it not before time that the DEFENSIVE forces became just that, or can patriotism only manifest itself a through bigger and better war machinery. Lets end this farce, stop spending the worlds natural wealth, on bigger and better weapons to defeat the bogeymen that the propaganda merchants conger up in order to perpetuate their evil war machine factories, and fill the pockets of the weapons traders, with taxpayers dollars. Wake up wake up time to spend our wealth on a vast army of peace keeping eco-warriors that will cleanse the world of such evil and such evil men.

Right on Q

I had stopped my scribbling to make myself a pot of tea, and when I returned from the kitchen the Andrew Marr Show had just ended and the ‘new’ Scotland Sunday Show that has replaced Scotland’s Sunday Politics was about to start, so I turned on the sound. I half-listened as Scotland’s Health Secretary, answered questions that should have been obvious to all by now.

Then came a waffling Defence Secretary (English, Westminster) that was asked about Scottish Independence. He of course gave us the same old chestnuts that they spilled out in the run-up to the 2014 referendum. Like the last independence referendum, when it comes down to the brass tacks of debate (lies and propaganda) it will all fall apart and the people of Scotland will again realise that their future lies with the broad shoulders of the Union. Patronising fool.

As for his views on the UK nuclear deterrent on the Clyde, yes it is OK to spend millions and millions of pounds on this obscene and obsolete weapon system, (well he is the defence secretary and possibly has lots and lots of shares in the companies at Barrow in Furness).

And what about all those benefit to Scotland, they are imminence, two hundred jobs dependent on the Trident base in Scotland, (although only around 80 jobs on the Clyde are directly dependent on the submarines being there), and the savings of billions, could they not create many more jobs in Scotland, that this Defence Secretaries wet dreams. Every time he opened his mouth and spouted the virtues off his nuclear submarines, I’m sure his erection grow ever bigger.

The line that when the facts come out in the run-up to a second referendum, (so we will be having one, is that what you are saying?) No of course not, it was heavily caveated by, we are in the middle of a pandemic so there should not be one.

And they wonder why Scotland in the last 20 poles have repeated “We want the right to chose how we are governed”. The lies of 2014 will not sway the people of Scotland this time around, we have educated ourselves to their dirty tricks, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

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