The Tousled One coming to Scotland has certainly caused a bit of a stir in the national media, of course, it is all about how it is the UK vaccine that has saved us all up here in Scotland. If we were an independent nation, then we would be in real soapy bubbles (I’m trying to be polite about this). What is wrong with you Scots, you can’t see that it’s because you are part of the UK, (England) you have been saved from this deadly virus?

I despair.

Wishing to make our own decisions (and mistakes) is nothing to do with this pandemic, why don’t they get the message? And I believe Boris is painting himself into a corner by saying Now is not the time, in the middle of a pandemic, to bring up the constitution. In a few months time, most in Scotland will have at least their first vaccination and things will start to return to something like normality (although it will never be normality as we knew it). What will be Boris’s excuse then?

No, the problem is there is now, and never has been, respect for the Scottish parliament from the Tories at Westminster. When have they sat down with the devolved parliaments and talked about their needs and wants, and how the four parliaments could have worked together, but no, Boris knows what is in our best interest so just get back in your tartan shortbread tin and behave yourself.

I listened as a Tory MP was being interviewed on Channel 4, he said we should be working as one sovereign nation…………. (and we know who that sovereign nation is). Does that sound like a union of 4 equals to you? He did correct himself later in the interview when he said, working ‘together’ to combat the pandemic, and not talking about separation.

They love that word separation, not two independent nation across a shared border working together on shared interests as equals.

I hear the same argument being repeated, on Channel 4, Ian Blackford was told that in 2014 the Scottish government based their economy on the oil revenue, now that has gone (squanders by successive Westminster government not as Norway used its oil revenues) now that we are moving away from oil to a greener society – How will you fill the black hole in your economy?

This is the English nationalist mentality, they don’t wish to talk about two close neighbours working together and still having the power to decide for themselves what kind of society they wish to live in. had that been the kind of UK we had there would be no talk of an independence referendum.

In the movie ‘The Horse Whisperer’ Kristin Scott Thomas, who plays the part of a New York editor that brings he daughters horse to Tom Brookes (played by Robert Redford), after it was injured in a road accident, and finds the man is a great healing, and not only for horses.

Thomas asks him one day,

“How did you know the marriage was over?”

He replied

“Knowing is the easy part, saying it out loud is the hard part”.

There is a scene in the movie, “Love Me or Leave Me” when Ruth Etting (played by Doris Day) tells Martin Snyder (played brilliantly by James Cagney) that she wants a divorce.

“Fine”, he said angerly “Anything you say, anything that pleases you”

Then he gives this long rant about all he had done for his wife, if it had not been for him…………. Then went on,

“This is the best thing that could have happened, I mean that seriously, if she makes it on her own, that will be fine, you won’t hear a squawk out of me” (of course it was not fine with him he could not let go).

Is this not what is going on between England and Scotland, we have grown apart, we want a divorce, why must it be like this, why can’t the unionists simply accept the reality of the situation, and sit down with the Scottish people and talk about the best way forward, a velvet divorce. The Scots are not going to changer their mind, no matter how many times Boris comes up to Scotland to tell us all what the English have done for us.

Boris would gain far more respect if he negotiated in good faith the terms of a divorce, rather than be the PM that went to war with the Scottish people and lost, for then he will go down in history as the prime minister who lost Scotland and in the prosses, destroyed his preciousness Union.

However, I think The tory party will tie two Albatrosses, Brexit and indiref2, around his neck before granting him that wish, ‘die in a ditch’, morphometrically speaking, long before that.    

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