After Listening to Keith Brown, (SNP spokesperson) on TV.

I had to ask myself – “Does the SNP really want another independence referendum?”

The SNP are saying that they intend to put a “Draft” bill forward in March. They will then campaign on a promise to put that bill to the chamber of Holyrood if they are elected.

Did they learn nothing from the continuity “Draft” bill fiasco? This will leave the bill on public display, and within minutes of it being made public, the UK Governments legal teams will set to work finding ways to undermine the bill through laws passed at Westminster.

Or they could of course simply wait until the SNP put the bill to the floor after the 2021 elections, then put down their challenge in court to the bill competency. Whilst it is in dispute, it can not gain royal assent.

So now we have the Scottish government and Westminster government slugging it out in court, (at taxpayers expense), and all this time what do you think the Tories will be doing, at Westminster, sitting with their thumb up their bum?

NO of course not, they will pass legislation, or modify existing legislation to take provisions of the indyref bill out of the competence of Holyrood. That is a no brainer.

How do we know this? Well! This is exactly what happened with the continuity bill. While the Scottish Government was fighting the UK Government in court, Westminster modified an act of parliament to make certain provisions of the continuity bill out of the hands of Holyrood, the court was then forced to rule against the continuity bill because of the law changes at Westminster gaining royal assent.

Now Nicola Sturgeon is no mug, so why is she action now as if stupidity was a virtue? Begging the question “Do the SNP really want another independence referendum”, or are they simply hoping to get themselves into office for a further 5 years by trying to hoodwink us all into believing they have a watertight “Plan B”.

Sorry hen, I’m no buying it.

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