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Julian Assange can not be extradited to the United States. This has been a big black cloud hanging over Assange and shown how the British government were willing to send an innocent man to the gallows because he held a mirror up to them and shone a light into their war-crimes. Julian Assange was treated despicably by the establishment and none more that I rejoice at this news.

I watched 8 short lectures (on U Tube) by Peter Joseph, founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, he takes us through the reasons, we do what we do. He tells us that people are not born hard-wired to be greed, corruption, to kill …………… and why chanting ‘We shall overcome’, Peace not War, and down with Wall Street, does not and will not ever work.

I sometimes feel I have marched all my life in the hope of making a difference and I suppose I will continue to do so until I die. Did I make any difference with my marching? I can only draw inspiration from “Its a good life” in the film, James Stewart playing the lead, is a man shown what the world would have been like, had he not been born.

How in war men do not willing to go and fight, their instinct is for flight rather than fight. Why would a farm labourer wish to fight when, if he survives, he will only return to the same position? He tells how officers in the First World War would go up and down the trenches beating soldiers with their swords and order them to lower their guns and kill more of the enemy; their instinct was to fire over the heads of the enemy.

I singed the Pease Pledge many years ago, after visiting the war graved in Europe. My grandfather died in the second battle of Ypres, was taken to the military hospital at Boulogne where he died of his wounds, (possibly from infection) and was buried in the cemetery there. My grandfather was only on that battlefield because he joined the Territorial Army before the war, otherwise, he would have been exempt because of his age and his trade, he was a miner. Would William Campbell, if given a choice, gone to war?

I visit grandfathers grave each and every time I travel to Europe and spend a while talking to him and telling him about those that have come after him and only here because he lived. That the country that he died for has changed out of all recondition, and ask,

Did you really believe them when they told you the cause?

Did you really believe that this war (more than any other) would end all wars?

(Granddad, forgive an old man’s tears, and thank you for the years).

Peter Joseph asked why we have ambulances rushing to the scene of a car accident when we now have the technology to have driverless cars that don’t bump into each other.

I suppose these are some of the questions that I have been asking myself all my life and here they all were being asked again in one constellation. We have not moved on because vested interest has made us prisoners. Thankfully a new awakening is spreading across the world and I feel it so strongly here in Scotland. Believing that we can not have prosperity without equality. You can not reverse climate change without making hard choices over oil and fossil l fuels. You can not reduce conflict without reducing arms production, “Guns don’t kill people, other people do” is a lie, guns do kill people. We can not end crime by simply building more prisons or end poverty by opening up more food banks.

Is there, for honest poverty,

That hangs his head and a’ that;

The coward slave, we pass him by,

We dare be poor for a’ that!………………..

So let us pray that come it may-

As come it will for a’ that –

That sense of worth, o’er the earth,

May bear the gree, and a’ that,

For a’ that and a’ that,

It’s coming yet for a’ that,

That man to man, the world o’er,

Shall brothers be for a’ that!

Robert Burns – 1759 to 1796

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