So This Is Christmas?

Christmas Eve

I was out for a couple of hours today, It seemed such a lovely morning but boy was it cold, reminded me when stationed at Hemswell in Lincolnshire, I would travel down to London on my motorcycle, about 130 miles, pulling into transport cafes along the way. Such cafes were common along the major trunk roads servicing an endless convoy of lorries. These cafes were busy stopovers, that did not mine us bikers calling in, hot and smokey serving up, mostly mixed grill, (a big fry up) along with a pint mug of strong tea. I would buy one and cup my hands around it, forcing some heat into frozen hands then lift it up to numbed lips, and as I drank, tea would dribble down my chine like some geriatric old man.

Home and under the shower before the arrival of Ann and Trent, (my nephew and niece). As even in a hurry and did not wait around, staying just long enough for us to exchange Christmas Presents. As she always does Ann brought me a box of groceries, which of course included lots of the things I never buy, mainly chocolate biscuits, shortbread and sweets. All stuff I love but being a grown-up that would prefer not to grow any bigger I refrain from such purchase. However, since it is Christmas, well almost, I have indulged myself, my mince of tatties today was supplemented with shortbread and mint sticks, oh the diet.

Seems we have a trade deal with the EU and a jubilant Boris was quick to Tweet how he has secured this great deal, the telling part for me was when he said, even the Brexiteers, over time, will come to realise how good the trade deal really is. In other words, it’s not what I promised.

“The lies on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round”.

I suspect it will pass the Commons whatever the deal is, no one wanted a no-deal so we end up with a bad deal, rather than a choice of whether we want it or not.

The Leader of the Labour Party came to Scotland and promised us that ‘if’ Labour is elected in 2025 he will restore all the powers that Boris intends to take from us under the Westminster power-grab bill, so we will get back that which already have, that’s nice of him.

So that was Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day,

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas dinner and all the re-runs of the re-runs or the re-runs on the television.

I went out of a long run on the bike, it was cold but I was well wrapped up after yesterdays foray. I did not see a soul on the road but then again it was early.

Shower, breakfast, I did flick through the channels for something that might be of interest, but no, so I spend an hour or so in the workshop. The sparrow motel is more or less finished now, just a clean-up some paint and a bracket for it to sit on.

Now the big job, clean up the workshop

I have chosen to screw the bracket to the trunk of the flowering cherry tree in the garden, Getting it plum might be a challenge, then screw the box to that. The nesting box has eight compartments (four each side) and really needs to be a good 12 feet off the ground so that seemed to be the best place to site it, more so since I have seen tree sparrows in that tree.

I think it is fair to say, we are all looking forward to New Year in the hope that it will bring us happier time, so I wish you all you wish for yourselves at this festive time.

Stay safe.

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