Merry Christmas

Thanks for all the Christmas greetings and cards, I was most pleases to see many cards were home made this year, so something good from the coronavirus, it was a bit special unlike, Margo Leadbetter, (Penelope Keith) in the ‘Good Life’ her Christmas came from Harrod’s.

Yes, I was thinking of a folding electric bike but not until the dust has settled over coronavirus so possibly late spring-early summer 2021. I have the money from the sale of my van and a bit in the bank so the cost is covered if I decide to buy.

I have taken my bike to Inverness on the bus, staying at the Youth Hostel there, which is a bit out of town so the bike was handy for getting around, but the e-bike I have now is a bit heavy and clumpy for the boot of a bus.

Swift Box

I was still a bit worried about the size of the Swift box, it looked enormous in comparison with the size of the bird, I’ve seen smaller Owl boxes. Why I even looked up boxes made in the UK and the measurements given in feet and inches, thinking I may have become confused with metric, (I do get confused from time to time these days) but no that is the size. I even went as far as building one out of old waste timber from the scrap box, I will have to go to the old kitchen and bring over another table top to finish the job but here is the box so far.

As you see it is a bottom entry and lots of sloping surfaces to cast off the weather and shelter the entrance. They are designed to go under a Soffit but can be fitted to a wall with extra protection (a bit like an umbrella).

My iScot magazine arrived yesterday. It had a very good piece on independence and how Scotland needs to follow Yes Cymru’s lead.

“Over the past short while the organisation has seen phenomenal growth in membership. In little over a month – during a pandemic lock down – its membership doubled and has since doubled again. Support for Welsh independence has risen from 22 to 33 per cent in eleven months”.

The writer puts this down to Yes Cymru being a one-stop-shop for independence, and unlike Yes Scotland, not dependent on any political party. Here in Scotland Yes, Scotland has been at the bequest of the SNP (waiting on them firing the starting pistol for independence). I believe the people of Scotland has woken up to the fact that Nicola Sturgeon has seen independence as a carrot to dangle in front of the membership to keep them in power. We now have the Independence for Scotland (for) Independence Party and all under one banner make the running and that has stirred the SNP into action, or should I have said ‘Shocked’ the SNP to their boots. When a party loses touch with the people, Gender Recognition Act – Hate Crime Bill. If you are not following the will of the people then the people will vote with their feet. (look our for big gains in the Scottish parliament in May for independent parties such as the Greens and SIP (mostly on the list vote).

The SNP will regret pulling out of the ‘People versus the Government’ the case that will be heard before the Court in January. Martin is standing in as an MSP in May, win or lose this court case will do him no harm.

Scottish independence has gone through the roof in recent months, now Wales and of course the (More or less) unification of NI with the south over Brexit. No wonder Westminster is getting its knickers in a twist, the break up of the Union is inevitable now.

Stay safe, and remember Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, Spring will come again.

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