What to do on a wet Saturday?

The bike ride was a pleasant one even if it was dressed in a cycle rain cape. The drizzle was constant but the air still. I had been over a Leven but I didn’t stop. Returned via Upper Largo and on to the A915, the shortest way home, OK it is a bit hilly but that is no longer a problem.

I came charging down into St Andrews and called in at Aldi to fill up my pannier bag with goodies. Surprisingly the shop was not busy, and this late on a Saturday morning.

Home showered and after partaking in a couple of pots of tea, I headed for my workshop and since I could not get outside to cut the material I set about making something with materials from my scrap box.

Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it is a feeder, designed to be screwed onto a wall. Does not look much I know, but you would be surprised the amount of work that goes into something so simple. Cutting accurate angles was the big test of my skills (or lack off) the 45% roof angles were produced with a hand plane, I just love that Sheeeeeeeeeeeee noise that comes from the plane and the smell of fresh-cut pine, it really is hypnotic as the shaves curl from the mouth of the plane.

When I first bought the plane, (I had bought it when I built my first camper van) I could not get it to work and had to spend a lot of time watching videos on the internet, those experts make it look easy, but I got there in the end and it is so satisfying being able to dismantle the plane, sharpen the blade, and when reassembled the satisfaction that comes when it does exactly what it was supposed too. I know you can get motorised planes, but where is the fun in that.

I see lots of bird boxes and feeders that look rough and ready, bits of old pallet nailed together (they call it rustic). I’m sure the birds do not see the difference but I like the idea of trying to make them look as if a bit of effort was put into the finish.

The news is on as I write this, what is wrong with these reporters, why do this simply not get it. Look the Tories have never liked the idea of being in the EU even when it was the Common Market. As soon as the opportunity arose to get out they jumped on it. We have had four years now and spent billions of pounds on negotiating the withdraw from the EU, and it ended up with both sides as far apart as ever, surprise, surprise. Me, and everyone who was listening, along with their dog, knew there would never be a deal, Boris and his Brexateers want out they want to do their own thing, regardless of the consequences to the country, this is Thatcherite policies personified.

And what about all this crap about the Navy gearing up to protect our waters. The Royal Navy has had fishery protection vessels since there has been a modern Royal Navy. I have sailed on one out of Rosyth, why do the newscasters keep spouting this none news and miss truths, and they wonder why they are losing their audiences to the internet. We don’t want government press releases from our media, we want proper news. I feel better now.

That all Folks, stay well, and safe.

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