It rained and rained and then it rained.


the daily deluge was well maintained

And the wind too was cold, in fact not a very pleasant day at all. I normally write my Christmas letter sent out with Christmas cards, today is just the day for such a task. Christmas letters were something that early Victorians would have been well acquainted with, but show my the lazy man and I will show you the quickest way to do it, the Christmas card was born.

My letter is a sort of a compressed diary of the last year and a personal message to the receiver at the bottom. Sadly fewer and fewer cards and their accompanying letters are sent each year at this time. It may seem ironic but the bonds grow stronger with each broken strand.

I switched on the news this morning and within minutes off again, how can anyone put up with the euphoria that has gripped the media, (or is it simply reiterating press releases from Westminster).

We have a vaccine, Hip, Hip Horra! We can all climb onto our raft made from the wreckage of the ship the captain run aground, a time for celebration indeed.

60 thousand have died from coronavirus, mostly the old and sick, still it has solved the demographic problem then Boris.

A world-beating, test and trace, we are still waiting Boris.

An APP that cost millions and had to be abandoned.

And they are still running around like headless chickens, “Do we save the NHS or do we save the economy?” and end up saving neither. Try saving the population, use everything at your disposal, and that includes the Army, Navy and Air Forces. If you do not have the medical staff and logistics they certainly have, even if every camp and station in The UK seconded only one doctor and a couple of nurses can you imagine what that would do to ease the pressure on stretched resources in the NHS, allowing the NHS to get on with some of the routine work that has been put on the back burner. This is a war, and who is best placed to fight a war?

Then we have Brexit, sorry folks but it has not gone away although you would think it had from the lack of coverage on the mainstream media.


Fishing accounts for something like 1% of the UK GDP and most of the fish caught is sent to the EU. If there is to be a deal you can bet your bottom dollar that the fishermen will be sold down the river once more, and guess where the biggest fishing fleets are in the UK, try Scotland, well that OK then. It will not be just the fishermen that are affected it will be the supply chain too. And with no market for their fish they may as well put their boats up for sale on eBay now.

I don’t blame the EU just remember how the deal was done when we first joined the Common Market, as it was then. Fishing was such a minor part of the British economy that it was more or less irrelevant. And do you remember how quickly the fishermen sold off their fishing quotas to EU boats and cashed in their boats for the scrapping scheme by the UK government, it is also worth remembering that Scottish fishermen were amongst the highest number of people voting for Brexit in Scotland, so no point in crying now “We wir robed” hell mend you.


Again Scotland will not fair well, Scotland does not have the big arable farms they have in England, mostly we have poor land apart from the east coast of Scotland, the remainder is mostly small hill farmers, dependent on EU Subsides, around 45% of a farmers income come from subsidies, most of these small farms will go when the subsidies go. Along with them will go the supply chain.

The EU invested a lot of money building a motorway from the east coast ports of England to the ferries for Ireland, at the end of this month (unless Boris does a U-turn), that motorway will be a backwater. The Irish have been building super ferries, for that day, so that lorries too and from the EU will simply by-pass England altogether. What preparations have the UK government made? They gave the contract to run additional ferries from the south of England to Europe to a company that had no ferries. Good one.

And you have to ask why I am so critical of the Westminster.

Sorry my thoughts are about as dreich as the weather today, we can only wait until the sun comes out, it always does.  

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