Winter Sunshine and Harbours.

 The weather is very quiet, hardly a breath of wind, even a bit of winter sun to cheer the day. I met up with the old lads from the Men’s Shed they were out for a walk from West Sands to East Sands. No one was keen to hang around blethering well there was a bit of a nip in the air, all those Japanese transmitter stations I suspect, is it OK to say that, never very sure these days.

Of course, I found someone willing to chat about cycling, he told me he has an old bike, he has been trying to get hold of a turbo trainer but said he can not find one that will fit his bike (not being a quick release wheel). I don’t know enough about turbo trainers so not sure what he was on about but if there is anyone out there that has an old turbo trainer and wishes to sell it I can put you in touch with the lad. The last trainer I had for a bike had three rollers, you had to ride the bike on top of the rollers, took a bit of getting used to. At the cycling club, they had a pair of them and we would race each other on the rollers, I have to admit, I was rubbish on the rollers, then again I have always been a hill climber and endurance rider never a sprinter. Then again I possibly weighed in at around 9 stone in wet clothing. I can’t imagine me buying a turbo trainer, I tried out an exercise bike at the gymnasium once it was mind-numbing after only ten minutes.

I did not hang about being such a nice day I wanted to put in a couple of hours on the bike, so I took a couple of pictures of the harbour, the tide was out and slack, it turned as we stood there. I love that sound, as the first waves head for the shore, so therapeutic.

So short and sweet today, keep the pedals turning.  

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