Another Bally Sunday.

Sunday and another day of wind and rain, October has become a bit of a pain. The morning did not start off well, I switched on the news only to hear that chinless wonder Gove, (a man the Irish would call, “A stranger to the truth”) there he was telling the gullible that, the catastrophic mess, in the way they have handled coronavirus, is all part of some great plan is there anyone out there that can stand to listening to this man for more than 10 seconds without boaking? Boris is fine he has a ‘get out of jail card’ he will ask the MPs it the Commons to vote for his plan, sharing the blame. You could not make it up folks.

The good news, Christmas has been cancelled, hip, hip hooray, no Santa Bloody Clause.

My Christmas message.

The adobe shed,

Her only shelter,

A young girl,

Her hours of labour spent.

And on that very special night,

Three wise men to Palatine, came,

Guided there by a comet’s light,

Illuminating below a wondrousness sight.

Angels of the heavenly host,

Proclaim, tiding of great joy,

“It’s a boy”, who will carry all our hopes,

Of Peace, for all the world’s folks.

That was then,

Now is now,

The marketing men,

Have slain the sacred cow.

No longer are wide eyed children told,

The Christmas story of promised joy,

Christ’s precious gift now behold,

For a “Made in China” plastic toy.

The cradle of this once great hope,

They fight and squabble over every stone,

Promised joy, now a schism,

Annexe lands and an open prison.

I went over to the supermarket first thing this morning, for a paper and picked up some mince for the dinner, (and a 6 pack of crisps, naughty boy). So for today a walk down to the harbour, paper to read, then back to Christmas trees ‘Mark 2’ I think they look better tapered. No green paint but then again they are spruce, which in a way is in line with the Christmas tree concept.

Keep safe and well.

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