Autumn Tints


Friday, once more and very autumnal. The week was marred by rain and high winds but we ‘Endeavour to Perceiver’. Today (Friday) was the best day of the week so I ticked another destination from my bucket list, Cameron Reservoir.

The journey started outside my door on the A915, at more or less sea level and climbed all the way up to 158m Cameron Reservoir, about three miles distance. Turning off the main road you find yourself on a potholed farm track, but with a bit of ducking and diving, it is manageable.

I called in a the little Cameron Church, with a manicured car park, it was so quiet and peaceful here I spent some time daydreaming as I walked around the church and its small neat cemetery. Then on to Cameron Reservoir itself.

The road from here is a green lane, with a hardcore base so easy enough to ride.

I met with an elderly couple out for a stroll and with the rather expensive binoculars hanging around the old boy’s neck, I take it they were bird watchers. With a courteous greeting in the passing, I pressed on. There is not a lot to see along the north side of the water, for it is heavily wooded with mature and coppice. But I did not weary for I am not a green lane rider and I all my attention was devoted to not falling off my bike.

At the eastern end of the reservoir is an embankment now for the first time you get a clear view all the way down to the head and dam of the reservoir.

You now have a choice of following the path out to Blackwalls, there to pick up the unclassified road back into Denhead and then in St Andrews. I chose to traverse along the south side of the waters. This was really a footpath very muddy and difficult (and exhausting) to ride, I gave up after only a few hundred yards and walked to the junction for Cairnhill, here the road is better and take you over the dam proper. It was here at the small car park that I came across the two walkers taking off their walking boots and enjoying a cup of tea from a flask, I think they have done this sort of thing before.

Back on the A915 and downhill all the way home, weeeeeeeeeeeee I saw 46 kph coming up on the screen, this is fun. Not a long day but it was good to be out in the countryside, close to nature and a bit of exercise thrown in, so yes, another good day awheel. Keep safe.

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